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1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna Review (July 2024)

Cutting the cord and ditching expensive cable bills is a dream for many, but it can be a daunting task. Finding a reliable and affordable way to access free, over-the-air television can seem like an impossible mission. Enter the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna, a popular choice for cord-cutters looking for a simple and effective solution. This antenna promises to bring in local channels from a surprisingly long distance, all without the need for complicated installation or a monthly fee. But does it live up to the hype?

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This comprehensive review dives deep into the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna, exploring its features, performance, and overall value. We’ll investigate its reception range, picture quality, ease of setup, and any potential drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right antenna for your needs. Whether you live in a rural area with limited reception options or just want to save money on cable, this review will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

We’ll cover everything from the antenna’s design and specifications to its actual performance in real-world scenarios. We’ll also compare it to other popular indoor antennas on the market to give you a clear understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. So, grab your remote and get ready to learn if the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna can truly deliver on its promise of free, crystal-clear television.

Name: 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna
Image: 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna: Overview

The 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna is a popular choice for cord cutters looking to access free over-the-air (OTA) channels. This amplified antenna boasts a range of up to 150 miles, promising access to a wide variety of channels. It features a sleek and compact design, making it easy to place on a shelf, table, or window. The antenna comes with a built-in amplifier that boosts signal strength, resulting in clearer reception even in areas with weak signals. It also includes a 17.5 ft coaxial cable for flexible placement and a user-friendly design for simple installation. The 1byone antenna is compatible with a wide range of TVs, making it a versatile option for most households.

Design and Features

The 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna boasts a sleek and compact design, making it easy to blend into any home décor. It features a flat, rectangular panel with a black finish, measuring approximately 15 inches in length and 8 inches in width. The antenna is lightweight and includes a detachable stand for tabletop placement or mounting on a wall.

The 1byone antenna comes equipped with an integrated amplifier, which helps to boost signal strength and improve reception quality. The amplifier is powered via a USB connection, allowing you to plug it directly into your TV’s USB port or use a power adapter (not included). A 15-foot coaxial cable connects the antenna to your TV.

A standout feature is the antenna’s versatility, with multiple options for placement. You can set it up on a tabletop, mount it on a wall, or even place it on a windowsill for optimal signal reception. The included 360-degree rotating stand enhances its flexibility, allowing you to adjust the antenna’s direction to find the best signal strength.

This antenna is designed to receive both VHF and UHF frequencies, ensuring you can access a wide range of broadcast channels. It also incorporates a built-in filter to minimize unwanted noise and interference, contributing to clearer reception.

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Setup and Installation

Setting up the 1byone 150 Mile antenna is a breeze, even for tech novices. The process involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Unboxing: Carefully unpack the antenna, making sure to keep all the included components: the antenna itself, the coaxial cable, the amplifier, and the user manual.
  2. Placement: The key to optimal reception is finding the best spot for your antenna. Start by placing it near a window facing the direction of your nearest broadcast towers. Experiment with different locations and heights within your room to maximize signal strength.
  3. Connecting the Antenna: Connect the coaxial cable to the antenna’s output port and the other end to the amplifier’s input.
  4. Connecting the Amplifier: Plug the amplifier into a nearby power outlet. The 1byone antenna includes an amplifier, which boosts the signal strength for better reception, especially if you’re located far from broadcast towers.
  5. Connecting to Your TV: Connect the coaxial cable from the amplifier’s output port to your TV’s antenna input. If you have an older TV without a digital tuner, you’ll need a digital converter box.
  6. Scanning for Channels: Once everything is connected, turn on your TV and use the “Antenna” or “Channel Scan” option in the settings menu to search for available channels. The antenna should automatically pick up a wide range of local channels in your area.

While the initial setup is straightforward, optimizing the antenna’s position for the best possible reception might require some trial and error. You can use the “Signal Strength” indicator on your TV or the antenna itself (if equipped) to fine-tune the placement for maximum channels and clear picture quality. If you encounter any issues during setup, the 1byone 150 Mile antenna comes with a detailed user manual that provides step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

Performance and Reception

The 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna‘s performance is largely dependent on your location and the strength of the broadcast signals in your area. In general, it’s capable of picking up a decent number of channels, especially in areas with good signal strength. Users have reported receiving anywhere from 20 to 50 channels, with the number fluctuating depending on location and distance from broadcast towers.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to place the antenna near a window and experiment with different positions to find the spot that provides the best signal. The antenna’s amplifier can boost signal strength, but it’s important to note that it won’t create channels where none exist. If your location has weak signal strength, you might not receive as many channels, even with the amplifier.

Several users have praised the antenna’s ability to pick up HD channels, offering a clear and crisp picture quality. The digital signal provided by the antenna generally results in less static and interference compared to traditional analog antennas.

Some users have reported experiencing occasional pixelation or signal dropouts, particularly during periods of heavy weather or when positioned in areas with poor reception. However, these issues are not widespread and are likely influenced by individual location factors.

Overall, the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna offers a decent performance for its price. While its effectiveness is dependent on your specific location and signal strength, it has proven successful for many users in providing access to a decent number of channels with good picture quality.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

This antenna offers a compelling combination of features and performance, but like any product, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Excellent range: The 1byone 150 Mile antenna truly delivers on its promise, pulling in a wide variety of channels from a considerable distance. This is especially beneficial for users in areas with limited broadcast coverage.
  • Amplified signal: The built-in amplifier significantly boosts signal strength, improving reception and resulting in clearer, sharper images.
  • Easy installation: Setting up the antenna is a breeze. Simply plug it in, adjust its direction, and you’re ready to watch. No complicated wires or technical expertise required.
  • Versatile design: The antenna’s compact size and flexible design allow it to be positioned on a flat surface, wall, or window for optimal reception.
  • Affordable price: Compared to other indoor antennas, the 1byone 150 Mile offers a good value for its capabilities.


  • Signal variability: While the antenna generally provides strong reception, signal strength can fluctuate based on factors like weather conditions and surrounding structures.
  • Limited channel selection: The number of channels you can pick up depends on your location and the broadcast tower coverage in your area. You may not receive every channel available in your region.
  • Basic design: The antenna’s appearance is rather plain and might not blend seamlessly with every interior design aesthetic.

Overall, the 1byone 150 Mile antenna is a solid choice for users seeking an affordable and easy-to-use solution for enhancing their TV viewing experience. It’s a reliable option for homes with moderate to good reception conditions, but it’s important to consider your specific location and the availability of local channels before purchasing.

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Comparison to Other Antennas

Comparison to Other Antennas

The 1byone 150 Mile antenna is a popular choice for indoor TV reception, but it’s not the only game in town. How does it stack up against other antennas on the market?

Similar Indoor Antennas:

  • Moho TV Antenna: Moho’s indoor antenna is known for its sleek design and strong performance, particularly in urban areas. It’s also more compact than the 1byone, making it easier to position. However, it may not perform as well in rural areas as the 1byone.
  • Antop AT-1200B: The Antop is a classic choice for indoor antennas, offering a good balance of performance and price. It’s often praised for its reliability and reception range, but it’s not as stylish as the 1byone and may require a bit more fiddling to find the optimal placement.
  • GE Pro Indoor HDTV Antenna: GE offers a solid indoor antenna with a simple design and decent reception. It’s a good budget-friendly option, but it may not have the same range or performance as the 1byone in challenging areas.

Outdoor Antennas:

  • ClearStream 2V: If you’re willing to venture outside, the ClearStream 2V is a powerful outdoor antenna that can significantly improve reception compared to indoor antennas like the 1byone. It requires installation, but it offers a much larger reception range and better performance in most cases.
  • Winegard FlatWave: Another popular outdoor antenna, the FlatWave is designed for discreet mounting and offers good performance for its size. It’s not as powerful as the ClearStream 2V, but it’s a good option if you need a more subtle outdoor antenna.

Ultimately, the best antenna for you depends on your location, the strength of your local TV signals, and your budget. While the 1byone 150 Mile antenna is a solid choice for indoor use, other antennas may offer better performance or value depending on your specific needs.

Verdict: Is the 1byone 150 Mile Antenna Worth It?

The 1byone 150 Mile antenna offers a decent combination of features and performance for the price. It’s a solid choice for those seeking a simple and affordable solution to access local channels without cable or satellite. If you live in a relatively close proximity to broadcast towers and have a clear line of sight, this antenna can provide a good selection of channels. However, if you’re dealing with significant distance or obstacles, you might experience limited reception. Ultimately, whether the 1byone 150 Mile antenna is worth it depends on your individual needs and location. If you’re looking for a basic indoor antenna at a budget-friendly price, it’s a viable option. But if you prioritize consistent reception across a wide range of channels or live in a challenging reception area, you might be better off exploring other options.


In conclusion, the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna offers a compelling combination of affordability, ease of use, and decent performance. While it may not be the absolute best option for those in areas with extremely weak signals or seeking crystal-clear 4K picture quality, it provides a reliable way to access free over-the-air channels for most viewers. Its compact design, simple setup, and included amplifier make it an attractive choice for anyone looking to cut cable costs and enjoy local programming without the hassle of a bulky outdoor antenna. If you’re willing to experiment with placement and are comfortable with some potential signal fluctuations, the 1byone 150 Mile antenna can be a valuable addition to your home entertainment setup.

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In conclusion, the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna delivers a solid performance for those looking to cut the cord and enjoy free over-the-air television. It’s a budget-friendly option that offers a surprising amount of channel reception, even in areas with moderate signal strength. While it may not reach the advertised 150 miles, it certainly can pull in a significant number of channels within a reasonable range. The compact design and ease of setup make it a convenient choice for most households. However, its performance may vary depending on your location and the strength of your local broadcast signals.

While some users might experience occasional signal dropouts or limited channel availability in areas with weaker signals, the 1byone antenna is a worthy contender for those looking for a simple and affordable way to access free TV. If you’re in a market with strong local broadcasting, you can expect to enjoy a decent selection of channels without the hassle of monthly cable bills. If you are on the fence, we recommend considering the antenna’s pros and cons carefully to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Overall, the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna provides a reliable and affordable way to access free over-the-air television. It is a good value for the price and a great alternative to cable TV. While it may not work for everyone, it’s worth trying, especially if you’re looking to cut down on your entertainment expenses. If you’re in a good signal area, you might be surprised at the quality of reception and the number of channels you can access.

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For those looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use antenna, the 1byone 150 Mile Digital Indoor TV Antenna is a solid choice. While it might not reach the advertised 150-mile range for everyone, it offers a decent number of channels for a large portion of users. If you are looking for a simple and effective way to enjoy free over-the-air television, this antenna is definitely worth considering.


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