4 indie games with the most emotional story

The debate about whether computer games are art, with a rise time less and less, since one of the criteria of “art” is the emotional response of the player. And in recent games, especially indie projects, cause the tides of the feelings are not the worse Oscar-winning movies. And in this set I will give some of the most vivid examples of recent time.

A small note before the games in the compilation do not cause rage, hate, don’t cause the desire to run a joystick in your neighbor or go to the street with a toy gun. These games are empathy, compassion, they touch, engage and force the inner humanity to shrink from excess sensations.

We will not go far because you don’t need. Real indie phenomenon, game ratings are better than Half-Life 2, made by one person in pixel art, and tells a banal, it would seem, a story about a little girl who was in the dungeon with monsters.

But Toby Fox, who wrote earlier, the music for Homestuck, and spend on their own offspring for about three years, filled Undertale so many emotional moments that even some harsh bearded gamers who have gone through all the nooks and crannies of Hell, crying hysterically, passing game, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Simple as soup, battle system, memorable characters forever, excellent design pixel graphics, exciting and dynamic music, plot twists and multiple endings make Another replay over and over again.

Here the story is so touching that people are too emotional I just don’t recommend to take Another, for from an overabundance of feelings is a lot to do. Well, the main message of the game about what to kill to pass is optional, and you can even make friends with the worst characters, so important in the industry that Toby monument should be placed. Somewhere.

Of course, to understand the project need to be tolerant to simplicity, to pixel art and certain aspects, like primitive but charming humor and jokes with the fourth wall. Well, the unimaginable hype, too, in perception can have a negative play. However, this is only a subjective opinion, but objectively Another one of the best indie games at the moment.

This War of Mine

Another project, crushing sympathy with the strength of the neutron star compressed to the size of the needle. It’s a real seamy side of the war – until cool soldiers from Call of Duty and Battlefield having fun somewhere on the front line, ordinary people trying to survive in the chaos and destruction that remained from the civilized community.

The player needs to survive. To survive in a world so primitive and so modern that it becomes really scary. If you’re reading this at a computer, sitting at home or in the office, in a civilized country, you know – if your cozy little world would be embroiled in a real armed conflict, you can become the protagonist of This War of Mine.

When creating the project, the developers were inspired by the siege of Sarajevo, as one of them, Emir Cerimovic, have experienced this nightmare at the age of nine years. Perhaps, therefore, This War of Mine conveys the horrors of warfare better than any other game. Moral dilemmas, the constant lack of food, medication, armed looters will be companions of the player during the passage.

In this game, as in Spec Ops: The Line, will have to take very harsh decisions that really show that the world is divided into good and evil only in fairy tales. The real test of humanity – that’s what This War of Mine.

Also not to mention not really an indie project, but thematically very similar ideas – Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Yes, the game was developed by Ubisoft, this quest, and it is any depressing emotions causes. Thus it best conveys the emotional component of the great War, moral issues and how such events break up marriages, friendships, lives and hopes of ordinary people, not only in advanced but also far beyond its borders.

Valiant Hearts I would recommend a purchase because it is a project with a real indie-soul from a well known AAA developer, and his appearance on the light – a miracle comparable to the immaculate conception. And if you do not maintain such game, what even makes sense to buy?

Limbo & Inside
Two games from one developer, Playdead studios, share a common idea and a common finish. They are not as brutal as previous games in the compilation, but in his own harsh and sometimes cause panic.

Limbo with all its simplicity, is quite rightly considered survival horror. The story of a little boy who is looking for his sister in a black-and-white purgatory, filled with really terrible moments, the many deaths of the hero and a luxurious ambient.

Inside is almost tomb raider II, but with some significant changes. Instead of 2D, now 2.5 D instead of a hypothetical purgatory – a kind of discopickle the future, but the atmosphere and the cruelty have not gone away.

Yes, these games cling is not as strong and sharp as the previous one, but is able to tighten into a quagmire, and more captivate than shocking. Although when you have a giant disgusting spider, exciting little…

To the Moon
Previous games were dark and quite depressing. To the Moon is more similar to Another, but only focuses on history. It’s practically a visual novel created on the engine, RPG Maker, at least the gameplay itself.

She goes pretty fast, looks like a very budget project, however the story flow and the characters could well be in Oscar-winning film. Two doctors in the near future doing what implanted the most desirable memories to people on their deathbed. And the whole game is dedicated to one such patient, his memories, emotions, experiences and what it becomes in the end.

Don’t want to spoil, so just say that To the Moon is one of the most touching stories that you can imagine, To the Moon is very soft music and nice graphics, not to recommend the game except to those who from the engine nose gate, or suffers from an overabundance of feelings on every occasion.

Generally each of these games on its own presses on the overabundance of feelings, so I say, full of pleasure from them. However, thanks to such projects, I can confidently say that video games is art, real and genuine.

What games made you feel strong emotions? Tell us in the comments about their experiences and memories, not limited to indie titles.

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