5 interesting facts about CS:GO that you probably didn’t know

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, or CS:GO in common, is one of the most popular shooters in the world. And like all popular and familiar, many things we take for granted. That is why in this video I will tell you five interesting facts about CS:GO that you didn’t know or just didn’t notice.

A smoke grenade can extinguish the fire

CS:GO differs from its predecessors by its emphasis on the tactical battles. For example, fire a grenade capable of saving a few seconds to block the path of the enemy through a narrow tunnel.

But, it can be easy to extinguish – just throwing in the fire smoke! And there throwing a few flash grenades, you can easily break through a tight defense, taking by surprise not expecting such audacity of the enemy.

In the game you can turn weapons to crossbows

Sounds weird and improbable, but you still call mode when you when shooting at enemies and allies on the hit remains a huge red and gray arrows? For this mode in the response command sv_showbullethits 1, which allows you to show exactly where he hit your or someone else’s bullet.

Visually it looks like a multiplayer match in Painkiller, when everyone was given only calamity, but can help to train the shooting, although situational. In addition, the consequences of such a skirmish on a small map will resemble medieval dismantling of some Mount and Blade. Piggy Bank also is a team sv_showimpacts 1, which allows to study prostrelyvaemye surfaces.


He is the Goat, has many interesting and subtle detail in-game model. His skorostrelnost and incomparable efficiency at close range the gun compensates for with just one extra magazine, consisting of 12 rounds. And a spare magazine is visible on the model itself.

CS:GO is the only gun that changes visually as you use. Many of you did not notice the handle, extra handle, which makes the weapon similar to a submachine gun, which the store is not in the handle, but separately. Now, this pen is the second shop, and she disappears after the first time you recharge your goat.

The most expensive skins in CS:GO

He currently is… more than a half million, or three and a half million rubles. Skin for the AWP with the autograph of the player Tyler Latham, playing under the name Skadoodle, was sold on the website OPSkins for $61052.

The value of this skin is that Skadoodle is a player for Cloud9, first American team, which won the tournament sponsored by Valve ELeague Major in Boston. The skin is called Dragon Lore and is the rarest in the set of Cobblestone. And he should know, as an apartment in the capital.

Play with bots 10 for 10

Sometimes get tired of the hustle and bustle in multiplayer and just want to hybrids of artificial intelligence, demonstrating on him real. But unlike all the previous parts, CS:GO very zhlobski relates to AI. I mean, it’s not as illegal as before, but only a dozen bots on the server? It’s boring! To change, type in console’s main menu command bot_quota 20.

And when you start to play, just put bot_add, until the console says that you’re all done. By the way, be warned – the game is not completely optimized for shooting 10 for 10, and your FPS can drop to 30-40, even if in normal mode it does not fall below a hundred. As an option – directly during a match can enter bot_quota 20, and the next round will be 10 for 10.

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