A review of Kirby Star Allies – All genius is simple?

What is Kirby? Not every gamer is so easy to answer – of all the exclusive franchises of Nintendo, this series remains one of the most well known. Why – hard to say. This, however, does not prevent the pink ball to be a popular figure in his native Japan and in the West. But what kind of games are and why they need someone to care?

Kirby Star Allies – this is the 12th game in the main series, unless you consider the numerous spin-offs. To understand they do not need any knowledge or experience – they are all relatively simple, and their story is even simpler than the plot of Super Mario. We run a Kirby is pink, which is able to float in the air and swallow enemies, absorbing their skills. This simple mechanics connects all the games in the series and remains fresh even in 2018.

Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that these games are still created. No wonder Kirby is called “the most stable series” in the history of titles of such a plan was stopped a dozen years ago. Now at the mention of “2D platformer” we immediately think of a severe test Celeste or Super Meat Boy, but Kirby Star Allies proves that the game is not mandatory to be arduous to be good. Developed by HAL Laboratory as it tells us that it is not shameful to play something nice and easy.

Amazing colors and juicy picture forced to respect as game creators and the console itself.
Largely Kirby Star Allies is the same as its predecessors. Kirby again have to save the day and go through a few dozen levels in different worlds. As usual, in addition to the main campaign there are several mini-games, secret rooms and buns and so on. Unlike many previous games, Kirby Star Allies calculated that it will simultaneously play multiple people – this was created mechanics “friends”.

This mechanic is the most controversial part of the game. This is due to the fact that “friends” is not just useful – they are mandatory. And if you don’t find three live partners, the game will give you (or rather, you “glubyte” in the enemy, throwing him in the heart) in computer companions that… not very good. To play one accompanied by AI rarely interesting, especially if multiple characters are full all over the screen and spoil the visibility. Moreover, because the computer plays itself, it seriously hits of difficulty, resulting in Kirby Star Allies is very, very easy.

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Not all of our heroes will travel on foot. Sometimes they transform in different objects, or just fly around the level.
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Excessive ease, scolded a part of the series, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t think every game needs someone to prove something: sometimes you want to find something calm and relaxing that you can share with friends and inexperienced beginners. This Kirby Star Allies fits perfectly: even during boss battles work is not difficult and rarely cause to worry. However, I admit that playing alone is accompanied by the computer as it is not right, especially when the game literally pass over you. I therefore recommend that someone with a grab, the benefit of Kirby requires no knowledge of the games or experience, and you can play on one of the two controllers Joy-Con, which already included the console.

Mechanics friends – interesting stuff, but hardly new. More interesting is the ability. The fact that companions go with you not just because they also have unique abilities, which can be sent to you. The abilities of each associated with the elements i.e. water, fire, wind and so on. At any time you can borrow items for themselves, creating a fire or water sword. This not only helps in battle, but is a prerequisite for passing the many puzzles and secret rooms. Mechanics is impressive: a feeling that mixing can be an unlimited number of skills, that encourages for experiments.

The mixing of abilities is the best feature of the game. There is a feeling that the possible combinations are unlimited, and I want to try everything.
As for AI, I wouldn’t call it very clever, but seen and stupid. Often he knows what to do and where to go, but there were moments when I wanted to scream at the screen. In General, the AI is tolerable, but it’s better to play with someone.

Visually the game I can only praise. Latest Kirby could easily be considered one of the most beautiful games on Nintendo Switch – all levels allocated a huge number of interesting details and does not seem empty. The effects of water, saturated bright colors and a lot of moving elements look great and very clear, although a little sad that the game is not supplied with 60 FPS. As befits a platformer, there are a lot of different worlds. Some traditional (green level, ice level, and so on), and some very original.

The sound of the traditional series: Kirby’s always yelling “Hi!”, and in the background always plays great music. Dialogue in the game – all characters pantomime, very rarely resorting to text boxes.

Mini-games – tradition series. The more you play, the more they will open. They are unlikely to tighten for a long time, but to compete with each other will be interesting.
Of course, Kirby Star Allies are not perfect. As I mentioned, a large number of characters leads to the fact that the screen is constantly cluttered, which is hard to find your hero. Often the AI acts by itself, and sometimes it only hinders. Load times are not too pleased with, especially after the lightning predecessors on the 3DS. In order not to overload the system, the levels are divided into numerous sections with separate downloads. Usually have to wait 1-2 seconds, which is not very much, but still noticeable.

Traditionally, the former Soviet Union wary of games with a nice art-style and “child” facade. In contrast to the whole world, we suspected look at Super Mario and in no hurry to join the hype regarding the new Super Smash Bros. Why is that? Hard to say. But games like Kirby Star Allies have particularly hard.

In contrast to all of the same Mario, Kirby and the truth can be called child’s play in the sense that it is perfect for the youngest players, which, however, does not prevent her to be of sufficient quality to captivate and adults. It has everything for a wonderful pastime for two or four persons – who would you play, will probably enjoy it. It’s a game that requires a small, but gives a lot. The main thing – to give her a chance.

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