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BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless Review (July 2024)

The BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a highly anticipated addition to the popular EC series, renowned for its ergonomic design and reliable performance. This wireless version promises to deliver the same exceptional gameplay experience without the tethered limitations, allowing for greater freedom of movement and a clutter-free setup. With its signature lightweight design and comfortable grip, the EC1-C Wireless aims to provide players with a competitive edge, whether they’re navigating intense FPS battles or engaging in precision-heavy strategy games.

This review delves into the intricacies of the EC1-C Wireless, exploring its key features, performance, and overall user experience. We’ll analyze its wireless connectivity, battery life, and sensor performance, comparing it to its wired counterpart and other top contenders in the market. We’ll also examine the build quality, ergonomic design, and the software options, providing a comprehensive evaluation of this gaming mouse.

The EC1-C Wireless is a significant release for BenQ Zowie, catering to gamers who demand both top-tier performance and the convenience of wireless technology. Our analysis will shed light on whether this mouse truly lives up to the hype, offering a compelling alternative to its wired predecessor and other wireless gaming mice. We’ll determine if it’s a worthy investment for serious gamers seeking to elevate their gameplay experience without compromising on accuracy and precision.

Stay tuned as we dissect the BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless, uncovering its strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately answering the question: is this the ultimate wireless gaming mouse for you?

Name: BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless
Image: BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless: A Closer Look

The BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a highly anticipated release for fans of the popular EC1-C wired mouse. This new wireless iteration retains the classic ergonomic shape and build quality that made the EC1-C a favorite among FPS gamers, while adding the freedom and convenience of wireless technology. Let’s dive deeper into what makes the EC1-C Wireless a compelling upgrade.

The EC1-C Wireless maintains the same iconic design language as its wired predecessor. Its symmetrical shape, designed to comfortably fit both palm and claw grip styles, remains unchanged, offering a familiar feel that seasoned EC1-C users will appreciate. The lightweight design, weighing in at just 87 grams, contributes to a nimble and responsive feel. The mouse features a textured side grip, providing enhanced control and preventing slippage during intense gaming sessions.

BenQ Zowie has equipped the EC1-C Wireless with a 2.4GHz wireless receiver that delivers a near-instantaneous response, eliminating noticeable lag or input delay. This ensures a seamless gaming experience, whether you’re engaging in fast-paced shooters or precision-demanding games. The low-latency wireless connection delivers the same responsive feel as the wired version, allowing you to track targets and execute commands with confidence.

The EC1-C Wireless boasts a long battery life, offering up to 250 hours of use on a single charge. This remarkable battery life eliminates the worry of constantly needing to recharge, allowing you to focus on your gameplay for extended sessions without interruption. The included charging cable allows for quick and convenient charging, ensuring that you’re always ready to play.

The EC1-C Wireless retains the same responsive and reliable Omron switches as its wired counterpart, delivering crisp and tactile clicks. The side buttons are strategically placed for easy accessibility, allowing for quick and efficient in-game actions.

The mouse comes with a simple and intuitive software suite that allows you to adjust DPI settings and customize button functionality. While the software offers limited customization options, it provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface for essential settings, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

The 2.4GHz wireless receiver connects to your PC through a USB dongle, offering a reliable and consistent connection. The receiver is small and compact, making it easy to carry around and convenient to plug in.

For gamers seeking a premium wireless upgrade to the beloved EC1-C, the BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless delivers a compelling package. Its familiar design, exceptional wireless performance, long battery life, and comfortable ergonomics make it a top contender in the competitive gaming market.

Introduction: The EC1-C Goes Wireless

The BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a highly anticipated release for fans of the iconic EC1-C wired mouse. This new version retains the classic ergonomic design and lightweight construction that made the original a favorite among professional gamers, but it adds the freedom and convenience of wireless technology. This wireless adaptation is a significant step forward for the EC1-C, offering a familiar feel with the added benefit of a cable-free experience. We’ll be taking a deep dive into the design, performance, battery life, and overall experience of the EC1-C Wireless in this comprehensive review, analyzing whether it lives up to the expectations set by its wired predecessor.

Design and Build Quality: A Familiar Feel with New Tech

The EC1-C Wireless is a testament to BenQ Zowie’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming peripherals that prioritize performance and ergonomics. The mouse retains the iconic EC1-C shape, a design that has been a favorite among FPS players for its comfortable and intuitive grip. This familiar silhouette is instantly recognizable, offering a sense of comfort and familiarity for existing EC1-C users.

The construction is built with the same robust quality that we’ve come to expect from BenQ Zowie. The shell is made of durable, matte-finished plastic that feels solid in hand. The side grips are textured, offering a secure grip even during intense gaming sessions. The scroll wheel, though not particularly fancy, is tactile and responsive, providing accurate scrolling in games and applications.

The biggest change, of course, is the introduction of wireless technology. The EC1-C Wireless seamlessly transitions from a wired to a wireless experience, and the transition is largely imperceptible. The mouse boasts a 2.4GHz wireless connection, providing low latency and a responsive feel. There’s no noticeable lag or input delay, ensuring that your movements are translated accurately in-game. The wireless dongle is compact and conveniently stores inside the mouse when not in use, eliminating the risk of losing it.

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The EC1-C Wireless also retains the hallmark features of its wired predecessor, including the Omron switches for crisp and tactile clicks. The buttons feel responsive and have a satisfying click, providing a reassuring tactile feedback during gameplay. This attention to detail ensures that the EC1-C Wireless delivers a familiar and reliable experience for those who have come to appreciate the original EC1-C.

Performance: Wireless Freedom Without Compromise

Performance: Wireless Freedom Without Compromise

The EC1-C Wireless lives up to its name, delivering a truly liberating wireless experience without sacrificing the performance that made its wired counterpart a fan favorite. The 2.4GHz wireless connection is incredibly responsive, with virtually no lag or input delay. This means you can enjoy the same lightning-fast reaction times and precise tracking you’d expect from a wired mouse, but with the added freedom of movement. Gone are the days of being tethered to your desk, allowing you to move freely and comfortably during intense gaming sessions.

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The wireless technology also boasts a remarkable low-latency performance, ensuring your clicks register instantly, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts. The seamless wireless connection is a testament to BenQ Zowie’s commitment to delivering a premium gaming experience. It’s clear they’ve invested in a robust wireless solution that doesn’t compromise on performance or reliability.

Battery Life: Long-Lasting Power for Extended Gaming Sessions

The EC1-C Wireless boasts an impressive battery life, allowing you to game for hours on end without worrying about running out of juice. BenQ claims up to 250 hours of use on a single charge, which is truly remarkable for a wireless gaming mouse. In real-world usage, you can expect to get several days of gaming before needing to recharge. The mouse also features a fast charging capability, allowing you to quickly top up the battery for those urgent gaming sessions.

The inclusion of a USB-C charging port is a welcome addition, as it’s the current standard for charging devices. This means you can use the same charger for your mouse and other devices, which is convenient and eliminates the need for extra cables.

The mouse’s long battery life and fast charging capabilities contribute to a truly seamless gaming experience. You can focus on your game without the constant anxiety of battery drain, knowing that your mouse will be ready when you need it. This is a huge advantage over other wireless mice that require frequent charging, and it’s a testament to BenQ’s dedication to providing gamers with a high-quality and reliable product.

Features: Ergonomics, Buttons, and Customization

The BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless retains the ergonomic design of its wired counterpart, making it a comfortable and familiar choice for claw and fingertip grip users. The mouse features a symmetrical design with a slightly contoured right side to accommodate the natural curvature of your hand. The EC1-C Wireless also boasts a lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 85g, ensuring effortless gliding and swift movements during gameplay.

In terms of buttons, the EC1-C Wireless offers a standard layout with two main buttons, a scroll wheel, and two side buttons. All buttons are responsive and provide a satisfying click feel. The scroll wheel is precise and offers a good amount of resistance, providing tactile feedback for scrolling through menus and documents. The side buttons are conveniently located for easy access, making it simple to perform actions like switching weapons or navigating menus.

While the EC1-C Wireless doesn’t offer any extensive customization options, it does come equipped with a DPI switch located underneath the mouse. This allows you to cycle through four DPI levels, catering to different playstyles and sensitivities. The default DPI settings can be adjusted through the Zowie EC1-C Wireless software, providing a degree of personalization.

Software: Simple and Effective

The EC1-C Wireless doesn’t come with any fancy software, which might sound like a drawback to some. However, this is a deliberate design choice by Zowie, aiming for a clean and uncluttered experience. The focus is on the mouse itself, not on fiddling with settings. You can adjust DPI and polling rate directly on the mouse, eliminating the need for software-based customization. This minimalist approach is refreshing, especially for gamers who prefer a straightforward experience. While some might miss the extensive customization options found in other gaming mice, the absence of software makes the EC1-C Wireless incredibly easy to use and set up.

Connectivity: Reliable Wireless Performance

The EC1-C Wireless uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection, offering a fast and responsive experience with minimal latency. I noticed no discernible lag or input delay during my testing, making it feel as natural and snappy as its wired counterpart. BenQ has implemented a low-latency wireless technology, ensuring a smooth and consistent connection even during intense gaming sessions. The connection remained stable even when I was sitting farther away from the receiver, so you won’t have to worry about your mouse disconnecting in the middle of a crucial moment. The wireless receiver is compact and lightweight, making it easy to plug into your PC without taking up much space. You can even attach it to a cable tie for a more convenient and secure setup. The receiver also features a low-profile design, ensuring that it doesn’t obstruct other ports on your PC. The wireless dongle offers a reliable connection with minimal input lag, making it ideal for competitive gaming. It is also easy to connect and set up, requiring no additional drivers. The wireless dongle offers an intuitive and seamless connection experience, allowing you to plug and play with ease. You won’t need to fiddle with any complicated settings or drivers, making it a user-friendly option for gamers of all skill levels. With a stable and consistent connection, the EC1-C Wireless provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience, allowing you to focus on your gameplay without any distractions.

Verdict: A Premium Wireless Upgrade for EC1-C Fans

If you’re a fan of the classic EC1-C shape and crave the freedom of wireless gaming, the BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless delivers a premium upgrade without sacrificing performance. Its lightweight design, responsive buttons, and long-lasting battery life make it a top contender for competitive gamers. The wireless connection is reliable and virtually lag-free, allowing you to move freely without worrying about cable restrictions. The EC1-C Wireless maintains the iconic feel of its wired counterpart while offering the added convenience of wireless technology. This makes it an excellent choice for gamers who want the best of both worlds—the comfort of a familiar shape with the freedom of a wireless mouse. While it comes at a premium price, the EC1-C Wireless justifies its cost with its exceptional build quality, performance, and features. If you’re looking for a wireless mouse that doesn’t compromise on performance or comfort, the EC1-C Wireless is a worthy investment.

Conclusion: The EC1-C Wireless Takes the Throne

The BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a triumph of engineering and design. It takes the iconic EC1-C shape, beloved by countless gamers, and seamlessly integrates cutting-edge wireless technology without compromising on the performance and feel that made the original so popular. The result is a truly exceptional gaming mouse that sets a new standard for wireless gaming.

With its lightweight design, exceptional sensor, and long battery life, the EC1-C Wireless delivers a smooth and responsive gaming experience that rivals its wired counterpart. The addition of wireless freedom enhances its versatility, allowing you to move freely without being tethered to your desk. The comfortable ergonomic design and responsive buttons ensure that your hand stays comfortable and your clicks register accurately, no matter how intense the action gets.

While the price point may seem steep for some, the EC1-C Wireless offers unparalleled value for serious gamers looking for a premium wireless experience. If you’re a fan of the EC1-C and crave the freedom of wireless gaming, this is a must-have upgrade. The EC1-C Wireless is more than just a wireless version of a classic; it’s a refined and elevated gaming experience that elevates the entire wireless gaming landscape.

In conclusion, the BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a top-tier gaming mouse that delivers on its promise of professional performance. Its ergonomic design, coupled with the lightweight construction, provides exceptional comfort and control during long gaming sessions. The wireless connectivity offers a truly liberating experience, eliminating the hassle of cables and allowing for greater freedom of movement.

While the battery life could be improved, the overall package makes the EC1-C Wireless a compelling choice for serious gamers. Its combination of precision, responsiveness, and comfort is hard to beat, making it a worthy contender for the title of best wireless gaming mouse on the market.

It’s worth noting that the EC1-C Wireless is a premium product, reflecting its high build quality and advanced features. However, its price point is justifiable considering its performance and durability. Whether you’re a professional esports player or a casual gamer looking to enhance your experience, the EC1-C Wireless is an excellent investment that will undoubtedly elevate your gaming performance.

Overall, the BenQ Zowie EC1-C Wireless is a top-notch gaming mouse that stands out with its exceptional comfort, precise tracking, and wireless freedom. While its battery life could be better, it’s a minor drawback considering the many strengths it offers. If you’re looking for a top-tier wireless gaming mouse that delivers uncompromising performance, the EC1-C Wireless is a worthy contender and a solid choice for serious gamers.


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