Clash of Clans Top 20 secrets

Clash of Clans is the most popular strategy in the mobile world. Just imagine, every day this game rocked more than 40 000 people!

This game is addictive to its players as its a nice, quiet world. Interface – cool, genre — funny, gRafik – funny, but all funny! And indeed all this gives Clash of Clans the right to be the top game in the App Store and Google Play.

As the game gained such popularity, that players often have questions, in fact, this website should answer all of them. And for the beginners we have collected the most common mistakes players best secrets and lots of tips.asto the questions arise this website should answer all of them. And for the beginners, we have collected the most common mistakes players best secrets and lots of tips.

Many novice players make a lot of mistakes from the beginning of development in Clash of Clans, thereby hampering his quick and easy growth. Many players who consider themselves “good player” also allow minor errors. Let’s look at them.

The Free Gems for Clash Royale app keeps you in the competition with a steady flow of gems that some users pay good money for, in order keep themselves ahead of the curve. When users get the simple app they don’t have to spend any of their own money in order to get gems, instead they can get access with a few simple clicks and keep their head in the competition.

If only downloaded, where to climb?

In any case, until your first shield itself will not disappear, do not click “selection,” even if it is very interesting what happens. And happens, that you will make other players, stealing very valuable resources that are difficult. If you want to war, go to a single company and fight. Don’t attack others. Developers do not knowingly give such a long first shield.

Don’t let builders sleep
It’s no secret and no advice of Clash of Clans, this is a mandatory item which is to be performed. If you’re working too much rest, you are unlikely to be able to quickly and freely develop. Constantly collect resources and improve, that’s the key to success!

Don’t waste crystals on nonsense
At the beginning of the game are very interesting to try and find out why many players spend gems to speed up barracks, mines or instant buildings. In any case, later these players can not afford to buy 4th and 5th Builder. But, if you do not spend crystals on the nonsense, the 4th Builder to get very easily, and 5th will be on level 8 town hall! And you will contribute nothing!

Don’t buy gems early in the game
If you have downloaded Clash of Clans and you liked from the first minute, there is a possibility that you will want faster sports and show your friends “who is her dad.” But to do that, you will have to spend. According to statistics, 30% of players can afford it.

In the end, you buy a couple of thousand of crystals, quickly built, and then you realize that you endure the same players. How is it that you think.

Simple, they all the time played, they have more experience and knowledge, and you did it for a couple of minutes. Thus, you lose interest in the game and as a result, wasted money and time.

Unite with a strong
Tip # 5 will be about the clans and their choice. If you were in a strong, friendly family, you would understand this immediately. In these clans don’t throw players for a small donation, or not carried out a good attack in clan battles. You are always welcome to help, that’s what a strong clan.

In such companies are not greedy, give you anything you ask for. As a result, always jam-packed fortress of the clan, good atmosphere, good food and a good income from clan battles.

Place the castle clan in the center
It’s no secret, more of a suggestion Clash of Clans. Placing the castle clan in the center of the base, you complicates the situation for the attacker. Agree, not nice when there’s someone out when attacking you.

Always lure the clan castle
It’s a must. If you don’t know then either you are not all in the head, or you have a powerful mix that will penetrate the defense.

It is possible to lure a giant, releasing it to hit the fence until he will stand and take punches of defense, the fortress of the clan will come out. It is very important to understand the radius of the fort, may have to break through the wall and maybe one barbarian, you can check anybody or not.

Search for Savrasenko, don’t be afraid to lose a bit of gold
When looking for a farm, many players attack “more or less” profitable enemies. It is right if you haven’t time to search, if there is time, look for “juicy” base. You should see a bunch of tombstones, crowded and empty mine storage. Be cool if mine will be pumped.

Rusher = the trouble
This is probably the advice that we required to listen. This is very important. The word “rusher” in principle, a new word in the game. Appeared not so long ago. It means a base which is very ahead of the event that is the base which is not all pimped out already improves the city hall. In General, see an example.

It is very important in the game to improve and build to the end, and only then move on to a new level of town hall.

The town hall in the corner
As corny as it may sound, but I do not understand why to put the town hall in the center of the base, if you decide to attack, that will carry at least half of the bottom, you will lose a lot of resources and even more cups (especially if you chose to collect them).

When the town hall in the corner, the player blows it, you don’t lose resources and trophies, which drop, very tiny.

Believe me, if the enemy wants to tear down the base, it will blow no matter where the town hall, but if she’s in the corner, most players will demolish it.

The town hall in the corner – the key to success

Proper defense and a great offense
This is more of a suggestion, but maybe for someone a secret, in General, for beginners Clash of Clans.

Avoid silly mistakes when I first started playing, such bases Nemer.

This is a gross error, other people’s men can land inside your base and easily post it. You also need to know if you build a station on the edge of the map, this will not help since warriors can be planted right on the grass where you cannot grow.

Build smart if you lack imagination, view placement, do not make all the buildings over the fence.

Rule 30 seconds
When selecting the enemy, you are given 30 seconds to think about how to attack. This is not the time to scratch your nose, make a sandwich. These 30 seconds are very important. Believe me, if you thought, at least not much, where and how will your troops, you will be able to demolish your base a lot stronger.

Oh, that sweet word “revenge”. When revenge can be 100% prepared, you can first view the database, see if there’s someone in the fortress of the clan, can see how to draw out the strength of the clan, in General, revenge more often. This process in the game not just so, use this advantage.mest

Storage and clan options
Maybe someone else knows, but the defense storages in clan battles are at least silly. You can’t steal a lot of resources, and the warehouse has a large margin of safety, and that of the enemy to destroy them he will need time, use this time.

The secret of how to call Santa
To learn how to call Santa to go here. (the article appears)

Do not worry if something does not work
Strange as it may sound, but if something does not work is not a reason to give up. This is probably the main secret of life and Clash of Clans including. 0 stars in kV? Well at least you got the experience, next time will be at least one, but I will. In General, hard situations do not exist, so that you know.

Make your mark from other
Everyone knows that if you cut down the forest, the bushes, etc. you can earn crystals, but not everyone knows that if you remove the stones, they will not appear. If you want to be original at high town hall levels, leave the rocks at the beginning of the game.

Replacing the language does nothing
A lot of players say that when you change the language changing the game server and there are servers where it is easier for Rob. This is complete nonsense.

Lightning, now how to use it
This tip is for beginners. Since the last update zips can no longer plunder the resources, then a great solution is the destruction of the mortars. Two zipper can break the mortar, and the farm with the Archer without it will become easier.

By the way, if the mortars are together and touch each other, throw the zipper on center, then you can break the two mortars.

Where are the best farm
Many players every day asking where the best farm in Clash of Clans, we will reveal the secret. The farm is everywhere if it looks. But the best farm begins with the second of silver and continues until the first gold.

If you have any tips, secrets or mistakes of players in Clash of Clans, throws them in the comments, let’s help each other.

Probably this article will be updated. If you want to correct something in the article, write it in comments, we will not publish an article correctly.

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