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Creality LD-002H Review (July 2024)

The Creality LD-002H is a relatively new entry in the world of resin 3D printers, promising high-quality prints at an affordable price. This printer is a direct competitor to the Elegoo Mars 2, known for its reliability and ease of use. So, does the LD-002H live up to the hype? We put it through its paces, testing its performance, features, and overall user experience.

This review delves deep into the Creality LD-002H, covering everything from its build quality and ease of assembly to its printing capabilities and user-friendliness. We’ll explore its key features, including its large build volume, high-resolution LCD screen, and intuitive software, and compare it to its competitors in terms of price, performance, and value for money.

We’ll also take a look at the pros and cons of the LD-002H, highlighting its strengths and areas for improvement. We’ll analyze its print quality, layer adhesion, and detail resolution, considering its ability to handle intricate designs and complex geometries.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide a comprehensive review that helps you decide if the Creality LD-002H is the right resin 3D printer for your needs, whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional, or just starting out in the world of 3D printing.

Name: Creality LD-002H
Image: Creality LD-002H
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Creality LD-002H: A Detailed Look

The Creality LD-002H is a resin 3D printer that offers a compelling combination of affordability, decent print quality, and user-friendly features. This printer is designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned makers looking for a reliable and versatile 3D printing solution. In this section, we’ll dive into the specifics of the LD-002H, examining its key features, design, and build quality to help you understand its capabilities and potential.

First and foremost, the LD-002H boasts a 4.7-inch color touchscreen, making it incredibly easy to navigate the printer’s menus and settings. This intuitive interface simplifies the printing process, even for first-time users. The printer features a build volume of 120 x 120 x 160mm, offering ample space for a wide range of 3D printed projects.

In terms of design, the Creality LD-002H adopts a sleek and modern aesthetic, with a compact footprint that fits comfortably on a desktop or workbench. Its robust construction utilizes a combination of metal and plastic components, giving it a solid feel that inspires confidence in its durability.

One of the standout features of the LD-002H is its UV LED light source. This technology ensures accurate and consistent curing of the resin, resulting in high-quality prints with exceptional detail. The printer also incorporates a high-precision Z-axis with a linear rail system, ensuring smooth and accurate movements for precise layer adhesion.

The LD-002H includes a number of user-friendly features that enhance the printing experience. These include a built-in air filtration system to minimize resin fumes, a removable resin vat for easy cleaning, and a user-replaceable UV LED light source for long-term reliability.

In addition to its standard features, the LD-002H can be further enhanced with optional upgrades, such as a custom resin tank with a built-in filter, a wifi module for wireless printing, and a light curing station for post-processing. These options allow users to customize the printer to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, the Creality LD-002H is a well-designed and feature-rich resin 3D printer that offers an excellent blend of performance, affordability, and user-friendliness. Its compact size, intuitive controls, and high-quality printing capabilities make it a great choice for both hobbyists and professionals.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The Creality LD-002H arrived in a sturdy cardboard box adorned with the Creality logo and a picture of the printer itself. Opening the box, you’re greeted by a well-organized assembly of components. The printer itself is neatly packaged, with protective foam padding surrounding it.

The first thing that struck me was the printer’s surprisingly compact size. It’s noticeably smaller than many other resin printers on the market, making it ideal for smaller workspaces. The build quality is excellent, with a robust metal frame and a smooth, high-quality finish. Everything feels sturdy and well-constructed, giving me a sense of confidence in its longevity.

The unboxing experience was smooth and straightforward. All the necessary components, including the resin vat, build plate, and tools, were included. The user manual was also present, providing clear instructions for assembly and setup.

Overall, my first impressions of the Creality LD-002H were incredibly positive. The printer’s compact size, solid build quality, and user-friendly unboxing experience left me excited to get it set up and start printing.

Design and Build Quality

The Creality LD-002H boasts a sturdy and well-designed construction. The printer’s frame is made from a combination of aluminum and steel, which gives it a solid feel and reduces vibrations during operation. The build plate is also made from a durable material, ensuring a smooth and even surface for printing. The overall design of the LD-002H is clean and efficient, with a compact footprint and easy-to-access features.

One notable aspect of the design is the use of a closed-loop system for the Z-axis. This design provides for more accurate and consistent prints by ensuring that the Z-axis stays precisely in place. The printer also utilizes a high-quality linear guide for the X-axis, which further contributes to smooth and precise movement. This focus on precision and stability translates directly into the quality of your prints.

The Creality LD-002H is equipped with a powerful 24V 350W power supply, ensuring ample power for smooth operation. This power supply is safely housed in a separate unit, keeping the printer itself cool and efficient. The printer’s build platform features a removable magnetic sheet, making it easy to remove finished prints and clean the surface.

Overall, the LD-002H impresses with its robust build quality and attention to detail. From the sturdy frame to the precise movement systems, every aspect of the design seems geared towards providing reliable and high-quality printing results.

Printing Performance

The Creality LD-002H delivers impressive printing performance, exceeding expectations for a machine in its price range. It utilizes a 0.15mm nozzle, a standard for high-resolution printing, and boasts a 200mm/s maximum printing speed. The LD-002H effortlessly handles intricate details and sharp edges, evident in its smooth layer transitions and minimal stringing, even at high speeds. While the maximum printing speed might seem enticing, it’s essential to note that optimal print quality is achieved at lower speeds, typically around 60-100mm/s.

One of the standout features of the LD-002H is its silent operation. The printer runs remarkably quiet, thanks to its well-designed mechanics and optimized cooling system. This makes it an ideal choice for home or office environments where noise can be a concern. The LD-002H’s heated build plate, capable of reaching temperatures up to 100°C, ensures excellent adhesion and prevents warping, even for challenging materials like ABS.

Furthermore, the LD-002H excels in handling a variety of filaments. It is compatible with popular materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and even wood filaments, offering flexibility for diverse projects. While the printer boasts impressive capabilities, it’s crucial to calibrate it properly for optimal performance. Fortunately, the process is straightforward and well-documented in the user manual. Overall, the Creality LD-002H impresses with its smooth and reliable printing performance, making it a strong contender for both beginners and experienced users seeking high-quality prints.

Features and Functionality

The Creality LD-002H is packed with features designed to enhance your 3D printing experience, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced users. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and functionalities:

Auto-Leveling: This feature is a lifesaver, especially for beginners. The LD-002H utilizes a BL Touch sensor to automatically level the print bed, ensuring consistent and accurate prints. This eliminates the need for manual leveling, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Resume Printing: Power outages or accidental disconnections can be frustrating, but the LD-002H has you covered. Its resume printing feature allows the printer to pick up where it left off after an interruption, saving you time and material.

Filament Runout Detection: No more ruined prints due to filament running out! The LD-002H has a filament runout sensor that automatically pauses the print when the filament is depleted. This allows you to replenish the filament and resume printing without any hassle.

Offline Printing: The LD-002H offers offline printing capabilities, allowing you to print without a computer connection. This is particularly useful for users who prefer to manage their prints directly on the printer’s control panel.

Heated Bed: A heated bed ensures optimal adhesion of your prints, especially for materials that require a warm surface to melt properly. The LD-002H features a heated bed with a maximum temperature of 100°C, allowing you to print with a wide range of filaments.

Silent Operation: The LD-002H incorporates a silent motherboard and a silent fan design, minimizing noise during operation. This makes it a great choice for home users who want to print without disturbing others.

USB and SD Card Support: The LD-002H provides multiple connectivity options, including USB and SD card support. This allows you to print files directly from your computer or from an SD card, providing flexibility for different workflow preferences.

Open Source Platform: The LD-002H is based on an open-source platform, allowing users to access and modify firmware, enhancing customization and control over the printer’s functionalities.

Wide Range of Filament Compatibility: This printer is designed to be compatible with a wide range of filaments, including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and more, allowing you to experiment with different materials and explore diverse applications.

Intuitive User Interface: The LD-002H features a user-friendly control panel and software, making it easy to navigate, adjust print settings, and monitor the printing process.

Excellent Support: Creality offers comprehensive support for its products, including detailed user manuals, online forums, and customer service assistance.

User Experience and Software

The Creality LD-002H boasts a user-friendly experience, thanks in part to its intuitive software and straightforward setup. Setting up the printer is a breeze, with clear instructions and a well-designed interface. The included software, Creality Slicer, is a powerful tool that allows you to slice 3D models and optimize printing settings. It offers a range of options for customization, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The software is compatible with both Windows and macOS, ensuring accessibility for most users.

The LD-002H’s touchscreen interface is responsive and easy to navigate, even for users who are new to 3D printing. It provides real-time status updates and allows you to monitor print progress. The printer also features a built-in SD card slot for offline printing, offering flexibility for those who prefer not to be tethered to a computer.

While the software and interface are generally user-friendly, there’s room for improvement. Some users have reported that the software could benefit from more detailed documentation and tutorials. Additionally, the printer’s built-in camera feature, while a nice addition, could benefit from better resolution and a more stable connection for live viewing.

Overall, the LD-002H excels in providing a positive user experience. Its straightforward setup, intuitive software, and well-designed interface make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users looking for a user-friendly 3D printing experience.

Print Quality and Resolution

The Creality LD-002H shines when it comes to print quality. With a resolution of 0.15mm, it delivers incredibly detailed prints, capturing intricate designs and fine details with remarkable clarity. The prints are consistently smooth and have a beautiful, almost glass-like finish, making them perfect for showcasing intricate models or high-resolution prototypes. The printer’s ability to handle a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, and even flexible filaments, further enhances its versatility and allows you to experiment with different textures and finishes.

While the resolution is impressive, it’s important to note that achieving optimal print quality does require careful calibration and the use of high-quality filament. With a bit of tweaking, you can easily achieve prints that rival professional-grade machines. The printer’s ability to handle finer details also opens up possibilities for creating high-resolution prints, ideal for intricate jewelry, miniature models, and intricate artwork. The LD-002H proves that high-resolution 3D printing can be accessible to both beginners and experienced users, making it a fantastic choice for those who value detail and precision.

Reliability and Durability

The Creality LD-002H has been praised for its reliability and durability. Many users report that it’s a sturdy machine that can handle extended printing sessions without any issues. The printer’s metal frame and build quality contribute to its overall robustness, minimizing the risk of vibrations or instability during operation. The LD-002H is also equipped with a reliable print head and a precise Z-axis system, ensuring consistent print quality even after prolonged use.

One of the standout features contributing to the LD-002H’s durability is its closed-loop system, which helps regulate temperature and humidity levels inside the printing chamber. This effectively minimizes warping and other issues commonly associated with prolonged printing, enhancing the overall print quality and lifespan of the printer.

Furthermore, the printer’s relatively simple design minimizes potential points of failure, making it less prone to breakdowns compared to other complex 3D printers. This simplicity also makes it easier for users to maintain and troubleshoot the machine, further extending its lifespan.

However, it’s worth noting that, like any mechanical device, the LD-002H may still require occasional maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance. This includes regular cleaning of the print head, nozzle, and build plate, as well as replacing worn-out components like the filament feed system.

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Overall, the Creality LD-002H boasts a strong reputation for reliability and durability, making it a solid choice for users seeking a dependable machine for both hobbyist and professional applications. Its sturdy build quality, robust design, and user-friendly features combine to deliver a long-lasting and reliable 3D printing experience.

Pros and Cons

The Creality LD-002H is a solid 3D printer with several advantages, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right printer for your needs:


  • Affordable Price: The LD-002H is a budget-friendly option, making it accessible to hobbyists and beginners.
  • Solid Build Quality: Creality is known for its sturdy construction, and the LD-002H continues this trend. It feels robust and well-built, offering stability during printing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive touchscreen interface makes navigating settings and starting prints a breeze, even for novice users.
  • Reliable Performance: The LD-002H delivers consistent prints with good accuracy and detail, making it suitable for various projects.
  • Good Print Quality: With a 0.15mm nozzle and a resolution of 50 microns, the LD-002H produces prints with a smooth finish and good detail.
  • Large Print Volume: The generous build volume allows for the creation of larger models and projects, offering greater flexibility.
  • Excellent Support: Creality provides comprehensive online resources and community support, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues or find answers to your questions.


  • Limited Extruder Features: The single extruder limits the LD-002H to single-color prints and makes it less versatile for complex designs.
  • No Heated Bed: The lack of a heated bed can affect the adhesion of some filaments, particularly those prone to warping.
  • Basic Features: Compared to higher-end printers, the LD-002H lacks advanced features like automatic bed leveling or filament runout sensors.
  • Noisy Operation: The LD-002H can be a bit noisy during printing, potentially impacting its usability in quiet environments.
  • Limited Software Features: The included software is functional but lacks advanced features found in other slicer programs.
  • Plastic Housing: The plastic housing can feel less robust than metal alternatives and may be prone to scratches or damage with rough handling.

Ultimately, the LD-002H is a good value for money, offering excellent performance and print quality for the price. However, its limitations in features and functionality might make it less suitable for advanced users or those seeking the highest level of precision.

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Comparison to Competitors

The Creality LD-002H is a solid contender in the entry-level resin printer market, but how does it stack up against other popular options? Let’s delve into some key competitors and see where the LD-002H stands:

Elegoo Mars 2: The Mars 2 is a popular choice known for its reliable performance and affordability. It boasts a larger build volume than the LD-002H, making it suitable for larger prints. However, the LD-002H offers a higher resolution, resulting in finer details and smoother surfaces. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities – larger prints or finer details.

Anycubic Photon Mono X: The Photon Mono X is another formidable competitor, offering a larger build volume and a monochrome LCD for faster printing speeds. It also incorporates a UV light filter for improved print quality and lifespan. While the LD-002H may not match the speed of the Mono X, it excels in its user-friendliness and affordability.

Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K: This printer boasts a stunning 4K resolution, delivering exceptional detail and crisp edges. However, it comes with a significantly higher price tag. While the LD-002H doesn’t reach the same level of detail, it offers a more budget-friendly option with impressive print quality.

Creality LD-002R: The LD-002R is essentially the predecessor of the LD-002H. While it shares many similarities, the LD-002H boasts a higher resolution and improved build quality. The LD-002H also offers a more user-friendly experience with its intuitive touchscreen interface.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly resin printer with excellent print quality and user-friendliness, the Creality LD-002H is a strong contender. However, if you prioritize speed, build volume, or extreme detail, other options might be more suitable.

Final Verdict: Is the Creality LD-002H Right for You?

Final Verdict: Is the Creality LD-002H Right for You?

The Creality LD-002H is a solid choice for beginners and experienced users alike. Its ease of use, reliable performance, and impressive print quality make it a great value for the price. However, if you’re looking for the absolute highest resolution or the most advanced features, you might want to consider other options.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Who should buy the LD-002H?

  • Beginners: The LD-002H is incredibly user-friendly and comes with everything you need to get started.
  • Hobbyists: Its reliable performance and good print quality make it perfect for creating models, prototypes, and other creative projects.
  • Budget-conscious users: The LD-002H offers a great balance of features and performance at an affordable price.

Who might want to consider other options?

  • Professional users: If you need the absolute highest resolution and precision, the LD-002H might not be the best choice.
  • Advanced users: You might be looking for more advanced features and customization options that the LD-002H doesn’t offer.

Overall, the LD-002H is a fantastic entry-level resin printer that offers great value for the money. If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly printer that produces quality prints, the LD-002H is definitely worth considering.

Overall, the Creality LD-002H is a solid entry-level resin printer that offers a good balance of features and affordability. It’s easy to set up and use, and the print quality is impressive for the price. While the build volume isn’t the largest, it’s suitable for a variety of projects, from miniature figurines to jewelry and prototypes. If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly resin printer that won’t break the bank, the Creality LD-002H is definitely worth considering.

The LD-002H might not be the absolute best choice for professional users or those needing high-volume production. It lacks advanced features like automatic resin dispensing and washing, which could be time-consuming. However, for hobbyists and beginners, it’s an excellent starting point. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, the LD-002H can open a world of possibilities for 3D printing.

Compared to other resin printers in its price range, the Creality LD-002H stands out with its solid build quality and excellent print quality. The included software is user-friendly, and the overall experience is smooth. While some features are missing, the LD-002H excels in ease of use, print quality, and affordability. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and capable entry-level resin printer.

In conclusion, the Creality LD-002H is a compelling choice for those seeking to dive into the world of resin 3D printing. Its combination of affordability, user-friendliness, and solid print quality makes it a standout option in its category. While it might not satisfy the needs of professional users, it serves as an excellent entry point for hobbyists and beginners. With the LD-002H, you can explore the creative potential of resin 3D printing without breaking the bank.


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