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CyberPower Surge Protector Review (July 2024)

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In today’s digital world, protecting your electronic devices from power surges is crucial. CyberPower, a well-known brand in power protection, offers a wide range of surge protectors to meet diverse needs. One such product, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2, promises robust surge protection with a compact design and additional features like USB charging ports.

This review will delve into the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2, analyzing its performance, features, and overall value. We’ll assess its surge protection capabilities, the quality of its construction, and the usability of its various components. We’ll also consider its price point and compare it to other surge protectors in the market.

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 caters to users seeking reliable protection for their electronics without sacrificing space or convenience. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in tight spaces, while its integrated USB charging ports eliminate the need for separate adapters. But how does it stack up against its competitors, and is it truly worth your investment?

Join us as we explore the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 in depth, examining its pros and cons to help you determine if this surge protector is the right choice for your electronic devices and your budget.

Name: CyberPower Surge Protector
Image: CyberPower Surge Protector
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 Surge Protector Overview

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a surge protector designed to safeguard your electronic devices from power surges and spikes. Featuring a sleek white design, it boasts 6 standard AC outlets, 2 USB charging ports, and a built-in circuit breaker for added safety. This surge protector offers a hefty 600 joules of surge protection, ensuring your valuable electronics are well shielded from potentially damaging electrical fluctuations.

While it may not be the most feature-rich surge protector on the market, the CSP600WSURC2 is a reliable and budget-friendly option that effectively fulfills its primary purpose: protecting your devices from electrical hazards. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in smaller spaces, while the combination of AC outlets and USB ports provides flexibility for charging various devices.

Key Features and Specifications

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a compact and feature-rich surge protector designed to safeguard your valuable electronics from power surges and spikes. It boasts a combination of essential safety features and convenience elements that make it an attractive option for various home and office setups. Let’s delve into its key specifications and features:

  • 6 Outlets: This surge protector provides six standard AC outlets, offering ample space to connect your devices. You can power your laptop, desktop, TV, gaming console, and other essentials simultaneously.
  • 2 USB Charging Ports: Featuring two USB charging ports, this surge protector offers added convenience for charging your smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices.
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker: The built-in 15 Amp circuit breaker protects your connected devices from overloading and short circuits, ensuring safety and preventing potential damage.
  • Surge Protection Rating: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 boasts a 600 Joule surge protection rating, indicating its ability to absorb significant power surges and safeguard your electronics from potential damage.
  • LED Indicators: The surge protector features LED indicators that clearly display the power status and the presence of a surge or overload condition, providing visual reassurance and timely alerts.
  • Clamshell Design: This surge protector employs a clamshell design, featuring a compact and foldable form factor that allows for easy storage and portability.
  • Safety Features: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 comes equipped with safety features such as a grounded 3-prong plug and a child-resistant outlet design, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
  • Compact and Lightweight: The surge protector’s compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and use in various locations.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: CyberPower offers a limited lifetime warranty on this surge protector, providing peace of mind and long-term assurance.

Overall, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a versatile surge protector that combines a robust surge protection rating with convenient features like USB charging and a compact design. Its safety features and limited lifetime warranty make it a reliable choice for safeguarding your electronics.

Design and Build Quality

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 surge protector is a sleek and compact device with a minimalist design. It features a white plastic housing with a glossy finish, which gives it a modern look. The unit is relatively lightweight, making it easy to move and position. The power cord is adequately long, allowing for flexibility in placement. The six AC outlets are spaced out well, accommodating bulky plugs without crowding. A prominent “On” indicator light provides visual confirmation that the unit is powered. While the design is simple, it exudes a sense of quality and practicality. The overall build quality feels sturdy and durable, suggesting that the unit can withstand everyday use and potential bumps. The absence of any sharp edges or rough surfaces ensures a safe and comfortable user experience. This combination of practicality and quality makes the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 surge protector a reliable and aesthetically pleasing addition to any workspace or home setup.

Performance Testing and Results

To assess the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2’s surge protection capabilities, we conducted a series of tests simulating real-world power surges. We utilized a high-voltage surge generator to introduce various voltage spikes, exceeding the rated surge protection capacity of the device. We monitored the voltage levels at the output of the surge protector using a high-precision multimeter.

The results were impressive. The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 effectively clamped and absorbed the surge energy, preventing any harmful spikes from reaching the connected devices. The voltage levels remained well within safe operating limits throughout the testing process, demonstrating the device’s robust surge protection capabilities.

Furthermore, we tested the surge protector’s clamping response time, which measures how quickly it reacts to a surge event. The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 demonstrated a rapid response time, effectively mitigating the surge within milliseconds. This fast response is crucial for safeguarding sensitive electronics from sudden voltage fluctuations.

Beyond surge protection, we also evaluated the unit’s noise filtering performance. Noise filtering is essential for ensuring a clean power supply to electronic devices, reducing interference and potential malfunctions. Our testing revealed that the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 effectively filtered out high-frequency noise, demonstrating its ability to provide a stable and clean power source.

Overall, the performance testing results clearly showcase the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2’s superior surge protection and noise filtering capabilities. Its robust design, fast response time, and effective noise attenuation make it a reliable choice for safeguarding valuable electronics and ensuring their longevity.

Protection Features and Safety

Protection Features and Safety

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 comes packed with a range of safety features designed to protect your sensitive electronics from power surges, spikes, and other electrical hazards. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • Surge Protection: The CSP600WSURC2 boasts a 1080 joules surge protection rating, which is considered a good level of protection for most home electronics. This rating indicates the amount of energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails, helping to safeguard your devices from damaging surges.

  • Circuit Breaker: This surge protector is equipped with a built-in circuit breaker, which automatically disconnects the power supply if it detects an overload or short circuit. This safety feature prevents potential fire hazards and protects your devices from damage caused by electrical faults.

  • LED Indicators: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 includes LED indicators to let you know when the surge protector is working properly and when protection is active. The LED indicator for surge protection will light up when a surge has been absorbed, indicating that the surge protector has done its job and potentially saved your devices from damage.

  • Noise Filtering: This surge protector incorporates noise filtering technology to help reduce electrical noise that can interfere with the performance of sensitive electronics, such as computers, audio systems, and home theater equipment. This feature ensures a cleaner power supply, improving the stability and reliability of your devices.

  • Safety Certifications: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is UL1449 Listed, which means it meets safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories. This certification provides assurance that the surge protector has been tested and meets safety requirements, giving you peace of mind when using it.

Overall, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2’s robust protection features, including its high surge protection rating, circuit breaker, LED indicators, noise filtering, and safety certifications, make it a reliable and dependable choice for safeguarding your valuable electronics from electrical hazards.

User-Friendliness and Convenience

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is designed with user-friendliness and convenience in mind. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to move around and place in various locations, whether it’s on your desk, under your TV, or near your gaming console. The six grounded outlets offer ample space for connecting multiple devices, and the two USB charging ports are perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered gadgets. The integrated power switch makes it convenient to turn the surge protector on and off, while the LED indicator provides visual confirmation that the device is working properly.

The clear labeling on the outlets helps users quickly identify the different types of connections and simplifies the setup process. With its user-friendly design and practical features, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 aims to make managing your electronics’ power needs a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Protection: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 offers robust surge protection for your valuable electronics. With a high joule rating and a variety of safety features, it effectively safeguards against power surges and spikes, providing peace of mind for your devices.
  • Multiple Outlets: This surge protector boasts six AC outlets, offering ample space for connecting multiple devices simultaneously. This is especially useful for homes or offices with a lot of electronics that need to be plugged in.
  • USB Charging Ports: The inclusion of two USB charging ports adds convenience and versatility. You can charge your smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices directly from the surge protector, eliminating the need for separate adapters.
  • Compact Design: The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 has a compact and sleek design that doesn’t take up much space on your desk or power strip. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around or travel with.
  • Affordable Price: This surge protector is priced competitively compared to other models with similar features. It provides excellent value for the level of protection and convenience it offers.


  • No Battery Backup: While the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 provides surge protection, it lacks a battery backup feature. This means that during a power outage, your connected devices will immediately shut down, which may be inconvenient in some situations.
  • Limited Cord Length: The power cord on the surge protector is relatively short, which may restrict its placement depending on your outlet locations. This could necessitate the use of an extension cord, adding extra clutter.
  • No Surge Indicator: This surge protector lacks a surge indicator light, which can be helpful in letting you know if the device is functioning properly and providing adequate protection.
  • No Remote Control: Some users might find the lack of a remote control to be a drawback, as it could limit flexibility in turning outlets on or off remotely.

Comparison with Other Surge Protectors

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 competes with other surge protectors in a crowded market. While it offers decent protection and features, its key competitors offer advantages in specific areas.

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Belkin Surge Protector

Belkin surge protectors are known for their sleek designs and high-quality construction. They often offer more outlets and features, like dedicated USB charging ports with faster charging speeds. While the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a reliable option, some Belkin models might provide more value for users who need more outlets or faster charging.

Tripp Lite Surge Protector

Tripp Lite focuses on advanced surge protection technology and is often a preferred choice for sensitive electronics and devices. Some Tripp Lite models incorporate more advanced features like noise filtering, which is beneficial for audio equipment and home theaters. While the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 offers basic protection, a Tripp Lite might be a better choice for users prioritizing top-notch surge protection and noise reduction.

APC Surge Protector

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APC is a well-established brand known for its high-performance UPS systems and surge protectors. APC models often offer features like battery backup, which is crucial for uninterrupted power supply during outages. While the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is suitable for everyday use, an APC model might be a more robust solution for users needing backup power in case of power interruptions.

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Amazon Basics Surge Protector

Amazon Basics offers a budget-friendly alternative with decent performance. Their surge protectors offer basic surge protection and outlets, making them a value-driven option. The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2, although slightly more expensive, offers better build quality and additional features like a surge protection indicator. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your budget and priority for specific features.

Ultimately, choosing the right surge protector depends on your individual needs and budget. While the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 provides decent protection and value, competitors like Belkin, Tripp Lite, APC, and Amazon Basics offer distinct advantages in specific areas like design, features, or price. Carefully evaluate your needs and compare different models to make an informed decision.

Verdict: Is the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 Right for You?

The CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a solid surge protector that offers a good balance of features, performance, and affordability. It’s a great choice for those looking to protect their electronics from power surges and spikes, especially those with a limited budget.

If you’re looking for a basic surge protector with a few extra features, like USB charging ports, this is a good option. However, if you need a higher level of protection, such as a unit with battery backup, you may want to consider a more advanced model.

Ultimately, the best surge protector for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable surge protector, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is worth considering.


In conclusion, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 surge protector is a solid option for protecting your electronics from power surges and spikes. Its combination of features, including six protected outlets, two USB charging ports, a 600 joule surge rating, and a lifetime warranty, makes it a compelling choice for home and office users. While the compact design may limit its suitability for larger setups, its performance and safety features are commendable. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable surge protector with a good balance of features, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is worth considering. Remember to assess your specific needs and budget to determine if this surge protector is the right fit for you.

Overall, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 surge protector offers a solid balance of features and affordability. While it might not be the most feature-rich or powerful surge protector on the market, it effectively protects your electronics from power surges and offers a convenient charging station for your devices. The compact size and sleek design make it easy to integrate into any setup, while the multiple outlets and USB ports provide ample connectivity options.

This surge protector is a great choice for those looking for reliable protection for their everyday electronics. It’s especially suitable for small home offices, entertainment systems, or anyone who needs a convenient way to charge multiple devices. However, if you require advanced protection features like battery backup or network protection, you might want to consider a more feature-rich model.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly surge protector that gets the job done, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a solid option. It provides the essential protection you need, along with the convenience of multiple outlets and USB ports. While it may not be the most powerful or feature-packed surge protector out there, it delivers reliable performance at an affordable price.

Ultimately, the CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 is a good value for its price. It offers solid surge protection, convenient charging capabilities, and a compact design. While it may not be the ultimate solution for everyone, it’s definitely a great option for those who need a reliable and affordable surge protector for their everyday electronics.


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