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GooDee Projector Review ⚠️ (July 2024)

Looking for a budget-friendly projector to elevate your movie nights, gaming sessions, or presentations? The GooDee Projector might be the perfect solution. This compact and portable projector boasts a range of features that aim to deliver an impressive viewing experience without breaking the bank. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the GooDee Projector‘s capabilities, exploring its image quality, sound performance, connectivity options, and overall usability.

We’ll assess its strengths and weaknesses, comparing it to similar projectors in its price range. We’ll also consider its suitability for various uses, from casual home entertainment to more professional settings. Whether you’re a movie buff, a gamer, or someone who needs a projector for work, this review aims to provide you with all the information you need to decide if the GooDee Projector is the right choice for you.

So, buckle up and join us as we explore the world of home projection with the GooDee Projector. We’ll cover everything from setting up the projector to its performance in various scenarios. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of what the GooDee Projector offers and whether it’s the perfect fit for your needs.

Let’s delve into the details and see if the GooDee Projector can truly deliver on its promises and provide you with a cinematic experience that’s both enjoyable and affordable.

Name: GooDee Projector
Image: GooDee Projector
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

GooDee Projector: First Impressions

Taking the GooDee projector out of the box, the first thing that strikes you is its compact size and sleek design. The projector itself feels surprisingly light, making it easy to transport around. The GooDee projector has a modern, minimalist aesthetic with smooth, rounded edges and a glossy black finish. The front is dominated by the lens, which is protected by a removable lens cap. There are various buttons on the top for navigation and control, but the projector also comes with a remote for easier operation. The remote features all the essential buttons for navigating menus, adjusting volume, and controlling playback. Overall, the first impression is positive – the projector feels well-made and solidly built, while still being portable and stylish.

GooDee Projector: Design and Build Quality

The GooDee Projector has a sleek and modern design that’s both compact and lightweight. It’s mostly made of plastic, but it feels sturdy and well-constructed. The projector itself is a bit larger than your average smartphone, making it easy to carry around in a backpack or even a handbag. On the front, you’ll find the projector lens, which is protected by a small flap that helps keep it clean. The top of the projector houses the control buttons, including power, volume, and navigation keys. There’s also a small indicator light that tells you whether the projector is on or off. On the back of the projector, you’ll find the ports, including HDMI, USB, and a microSD card slot.

One of the most appealing aspects of the GooDee Projector‘s design is its portability. The included carrying case not only protects the projector but also offers convenient storage for the power adapter, remote control, and even a small HDMI cable. This makes it ideal for taking on the go for movie nights at a friend’s place, presentations, or even a family camping trip.

The design is also very user-friendly, with easily accessible buttons and a clear display that shows the source, volume, and other information. The GooDee Projector boasts a minimalist approach, focusing on functionality and portability without sacrificing a stylish look. This makes it an attractive option for users who prioritize both performance and aesthetics.

GooDee Projector: Image Quality and Brightness

The GooDee projector delivers a decent image quality for its price point, offering a resolution of 1280 x 720p (HD) with a claimed brightness of 200 ANSI lumens. While it won’t rival the picture quality of a high-end projector, it’s more than adequate for casual movie nights and presentations in dimly lit environments.

Image Clarity and Sharpness: The image produced by the GooDee projector is generally sharp and clear, especially when viewed from a reasonable distance. However, you’ll notice some pixelation and graininess, particularly in scenes with a lot of detail. This is expected from a projector in this price range.

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Brightness and Contrast: The 200 ANSI lumens of brightness is sufficient for use in a darkened room. You’ll struggle to see the projected image clearly in bright ambient light. While the contrast ratio is not specified, you’ll notice a noticeable difference between bright and dark areas, offering a decent viewing experience in a controlled environment.

Color Reproduction: The GooDee projector features a decent color reproduction, though it leans towards a slightly cool color temperature. Colors are vibrant and accurate enough for most content, but you won’t see the same level of color depth and richness as you would with a more expensive projector.

Overall, the image quality of the GooDee projector is satisfactory for casual use. Its brightness and contrast are good for a dimly lit room, and the color reproduction is decent. If you’re looking for an affordable projector for home entertainment, this model ticks the boxes.

GooDee Projector: Sound Quality

The GooDee projector comes equipped with dual 5W speakers, promising a decent audio experience for your movie nights or presentations. While the speakers are not going to replace a dedicated sound system, they deliver a surprisingly clear and balanced sound for a projector in this price range.

You’ll find that the audio is loud enough to fill a small to medium-sized room, and the sound quality is clear enough for dialogue to be easily understood. There is a noticeable lack of bass, but this is to be expected from such small speakers.

However, if you’re looking for a more immersive audio experience, you’ll likely want to connect the GooDee projector to external speakers via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack. This will give you the freedom to customize your audio setup and enjoy a richer and more satisfying sound experience.

Overall, while the built-in speakers are perfectly acceptable for casual use, they are not the most impressive aspect of this projector. The good news is that the option to connect external speakers gives you the flexibility to upgrade your audio experience if desired.

GooDee Projector: Connectivity and Features

The GooDee Projector boasts a decent selection of connectivity options and features, making it a versatile device for various uses. It features both wired and wireless connections, offering flexibility for different setups.

Firstly, you can connect your devices via HDMI, which is ideal for high-quality video streaming from laptops, PCs, or gaming consoles. The USB port allows you to directly connect external storage devices like flash drives or hard drives, offering convenient access to your multimedia content.

Secondly, the projector supports wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect to your devices via Bluetooth. This feature enables you to easily stream audio from your smartphone or tablet for a more immersive viewing experience. Moreover, the projector also supports Miracast, allowing you to wirelessly mirror your Android device’s screen directly onto the projector.

For audio output, the projector features a built-in speaker, providing a decent sound experience. However, for a more immersive and louder audio experience, you can easily connect external speakers via the audio output jack.

The projector also comes with a remote control, allowing you to navigate menus, adjust settings, and control playback from a distance. This is a handy feature, especially when you are watching movies or presentations from a distance.

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Overall, the GooDee Projector offers a comprehensive range of connectivity options and features that cater to different needs. From wired connections for high-quality video streaming to wireless connectivity for easy audio and screen mirroring, this projector offers versatility and convenience.

GooDee Projector: Setup and Ease of Use

Setting up the GooDee projector is a breeze. It comes with a straightforward manual that guides you through the process. You simply connect the projector to a power source, plug in your preferred HDMI or USB source (like a laptop, streaming stick, or gaming console), and you’re good to go. The projector automatically detects the signal and displays the image on the screen. There are a couple of knobs on the back for manual focusing and keystone correction, and these worked well for fine-tuning the image.

While the GooDee projector is relatively lightweight and portable, it still requires a flat surface to project properly. The manual suggests placing it at a distance of 4-10 feet from the screen, but you can adjust this depending on your desired image size. The autofocus feature makes it easy to get a clear picture, and the keystone correction helps to straighten out the image if you’re not projecting on a perfectly flat surface.

One of the things that impressed me about the GooDee projector is its intuitive menu system. You can easily navigate through the settings and adjust the picture quality, brightness, contrast, and other parameters to suit your preferences. The menu system is straightforward and easy to understand, even for someone who isn’t tech-savvy. Overall, the GooDee projector is a great choice for those looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable projector.

GooDee Projector: Performance in Different Environments

The GooDee projector shines in various environments, making it a versatile choice for diverse scenarios. Its compact size and portability make it ideal for small gatherings in dimly lit rooms, like a cozy living room or bedroom. The projector delivers a clear and vibrant picture, even in moderate ambient light conditions. While it might not be the best option for large, brightly lit spaces or outdoor screenings, it performs well for casual viewing with friends or family in a more controlled environment.

One of the key strengths of the GooDee projector is its ability to create a captivating viewing experience in a dark room. The projected image becomes truly immersive and engaging, enhancing the enjoyment of movies, TV shows, or presentations. However, in well-lit rooms, the image quality can be affected, resulting in a less vibrant and crisp picture. It’s best to use it in a room with minimal ambient light to maximize the projection quality.

For presentations, the GooDee projector proves to be a valuable tool for small to medium-sized audiences. Its portability makes it easy to transport and set up in various locations. The image quality is sufficient for showcasing presentations, graphs, or text, ensuring clear visibility to the audience. However, it’s worth noting that for large gatherings or presentations requiring high-resolution detail, a more powerful projector might be a better choice.

Overall, the GooDee projector offers a good balance between performance and affordability, making it suitable for various scenarios. While it might not be the ideal choice for demanding environments, it delivers solid performance in controlled settings, providing a satisfying viewing experience for casual movie nights, small presentations, or even creating an immersive ambiance in your home.

GooDee Projector: Pros and Cons

The GooDee projector offers a decent value for the price, but it does have some drawbacks that might not make it the best choice for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the GooDee projector’s pros and cons:


  • Affordable Price: The GooDee projector is surprisingly affordable, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers looking for a basic projector for home entertainment.
  • Compact and Portable: Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to transport, making it ideal for taking to friends’ houses or for outdoor movie nights.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: The projector offers a variety of connections, including HDMI, USB, and AV, allowing you to connect various devices.
  • Built-in Speaker: The projector’s built-in speaker, while not the best quality, is sufficient for casual viewing in smaller rooms.
  • Decent Image Quality for the Price: While not top-of-the-line, the image quality is acceptable for casual viewing and is a good value considering the price point.


  • Limited Brightness: The projector’s brightness isn’t very high, making it struggle in well-lit environments. You’ll likely need to dim the lights for optimal viewing.
  • Average Image Resolution: The resolution isn’t the highest, resulting in a slightly grainy image, especially when viewing content with high detail.
  • Basic Features: The projector lacks advanced features like HDR support, which can affect picture quality and overall viewing experience.
  • Sound Quality Could Be Better: The built-in speaker, while functional, lacks bass and clarity, making it less desirable for immersive viewing experiences.
  • Limited Warranty: The GooDee projector comes with a limited warranty, which might not offer adequate protection against unexpected issues or repairs.

GooDee Projector: Comparison with Similar Projectors

The GooDee Projector sits comfortably within the budget-friendly projector category, competing with similar offerings from brands like Anker, Epson, and Xiaomi. Let’s see how it stacks up:

Anker Nebula Capsule II: This projector is a popular choice due to its compact size and portability. While it boasts excellent image quality and a built-in battery, it falls short of the GooDee’s brightness and affordability.

Epson EcoTank ET-3750: Epson is known for its reliable projectors, and the EcoTank ET-3750 offers high-resolution output and a low cost of ownership thanks to its refillable ink system. However, it lacks the portability and multimedia features of the GooDee.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro: Another strong contender in the budget category, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro boasts sharp image quality, smart features, and excellent audio. It is comparable to the GooDee in terms of brightness but falls behind in terms of portability.

In summary: The GooDee Projector stands out for its combination of affordability, brightness, and portability. It’s a great choice for users looking for a projector that delivers good image quality and features without breaking the bank. While some competitors offer better image quality or more advanced features, the GooDee excels in its value proposition and versatility.

GooDee Projector: Verdict and Recommendations

GooDee Projector: Verdict and Recommendations

The GooDee Projector is a solid choice for budget-minded consumers who want a portable projector for casual movie nights, presentations, or gaming. Its compact size, decent image quality, and built-in speakers make it a convenient option for various entertainment needs. However, its brightness limitations and lack of advanced features might not suit users looking for a professional or high-performance projector.


The GooDee Projector is a good value for its price, offering a balance of features and performance for casual use. It’s great for home entertainment, presentations, or even outdoor movie nights. However, its limitations in brightness and advanced features may not satisfy those seeking a more professional or high-end projector.


  • For budget-conscious consumers: The GooDee Projector is a great choice for casual home entertainment and presentations on a budget.
  • For outdoor movie nights: Its portability and decent brightness make it suitable for outdoor viewing, especially in dimly lit environments.
  • For gamers: While not ideal for competitive gaming due to its input lag, it can be used for casual gaming with friends.
  • For those looking for a professional projector: Consider higher-end models with better brightness, resolution, and features.
  • For those seeking a projector for specific tasks: Check for features like HDR compatibility, screen mirroring, or advanced connectivity options.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to your budget and specific needs. If you’re looking for an affordable and portable projector for casual use, the GooDee Projector is a good option. However, if you need a projector for more demanding tasks or require advanced features, you might want to consider other models.

In conclusion, the GooDee Projector offers a compelling blend of affordability and functionality, making it a great choice for casual home entertainment. Its portability, decent picture quality, and built-in speakers make it suitable for movie nights, gaming sessions, and even presentations. While it may not match the performance of high-end projectors, it delivers a satisfactory experience for its price point.

However, it’s important to note that the GooDee Projector has some limitations. The brightness could be better for well-lit environments, and the resolution isn’t ideal for sharp, detailed images. Additionally, the lack of advanced features like HDR and automatic keystone correction might be a drawback for some users.

Overall, the GooDee Projector is a solid option for budget-conscious consumers looking for a portable projector for casual use. If you’re on a tight budget and need a projector for basic home entertainment, the GooDee Projector is worth considering. However, if you prioritize high-quality picture, advanced features, or professional use, you might want to explore more expensive options.

The GooDee Projector is a good starting point for those new to projectors or looking for a convenient and affordable solution for their entertainment needs. However, it’s essential to weigh your specific requirements and budget before making a decision.


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