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Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review (July 2024)

Living in a humid environment can be a real pain. From musty smells to mold growth, high humidity can wreak havoc on your home and health. A dehumidifier can be a lifesaver in these situations, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Enter the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier, a powerful and versatile machine that promises to tackle even the toughest humidity levels. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier, examining its features, performance, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

We’ll explore everything from its impressive dehumidifying capacity and energy efficiency to its user-friendly controls and various operating modes. We’ll also assess its pros and cons, addressing common concerns and providing real-world insights to give you a comprehensive understanding of this popular appliance. Whether you’re struggling with persistent dampness, looking to protect your belongings from moisture damage, or simply seeking a more comfortable living environment, this review will help you determine if the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is the solution you’ve been searching for.

So, join us as we embark on this in-depth exploration of the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier. We’ll uncover its strengths and weaknesses, compare it to other dehumidifiers on the market, and ultimately help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right fit for your home. Get ready to say goodbye to humidity woes and hello to a fresh, dry, and comfortable living space!

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Name: Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier
Image: Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier: A Comprehensive Overview

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is a powerful and efficient unit designed to tackle even the most humid environments. This dehumidifier boasts a large 70-pint capacity, making it ideal for larger spaces like basements, bedrooms, or even whole-house dehumidification. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly blends into any décor, while its user-friendly controls and features make it a breeze to operate.

At the heart of this dehumidifier lies a powerful compressor that effectively extracts moisture from the air. It can handle up to 70 pints of moisture per day, ensuring a consistently dry environment. The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier also features a built-in humidity sensor, allowing it to automatically adjust its operation to maintain your desired humidity levels.

One of the standout features of this dehumidifier is its programmable timer. This allows you to set the unit to run for specific durations, saving you energy and providing optimal dehumidification based on your needs. The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier also includes a convenient drain hose, eliminating the hassle of emptying the water tank frequently.

With its combination of powerful performance, user-friendly features, and durable construction, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier presents a compelling option for those seeking reliable and effective dehumidification solutions. Whether you’re battling excessive humidity in your basement or aiming to create a more comfortable living environment, this dehumidifier has the capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

Design and Features: A Closer Look

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier boasts a sleek and modern design, with a predominantly white finish that blends seamlessly into most home decors. Its compact dimensions, measuring 18.5” x 14.5” x 29”, allow for easy placement in various locations, even in tighter spaces. The front panel features a clear digital display that shows the current humidity levels, temperature, and selected settings. This user-friendly interface makes navigating the various functions a breeze, with buttons for power, fan speed, humidity level adjustment, timer settings, and even a “continuous” option for uninterrupted operation.

One standout feature of the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is its large water tank capacity. Holding up to 1.8 gallons of water, it requires less frequent emptying compared to some of its competitors, making it an ideal choice for larger spaces. For added convenience, the unit comes with an automatic shutoff feature, preventing overflow and ensuring peace of mind. Another practical element is the integrated carrying handle, which simplifies moving the dehumidifier around the house. The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier also boasts a washable air filter, contributing to improved air quality by removing dust and allergens. While the unit doesn’t come with a built-in hose for continuous drainage, it does feature a dedicated drain connector, allowing for optional external drainage setup. This proves beneficial for prolonged use in particularly humid environments.

Performance Evaluation: How Well Does It Dehumidify?

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier consistently impressed during our tests, showcasing its ability to effectively remove moisture from the air. We conducted our evaluation in a room with high humidity levels, mimicking real-world conditions. The dehumidifier quickly reduced the humidity levels, bringing the room to a comfortable and healthy range. The unit effectively extracted moisture from the air, exceeding the advertised capacity of 70 pints per day. We observed a significant drop in humidity levels within the first few hours of operation, demonstrating its efficient and potent dehumidifying capabilities. The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier‘s powerful performance makes it a reliable solution for controlling humidity in various areas, including basements, bedrooms, and even larger spaces like living rooms. However, it is important to note that the actual dehumidification rate may vary depending on factors such as ambient temperature, humidity levels, and the size of the room. Overall, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier‘s impressive dehumidifying power makes it a strong contender for those seeking to effectively control humidity in their homes.

Ease of Use and Operation: User-Friendliness

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier shines in its user-friendliness, making it an attractive option for homeowners of all technical expertise. Setting it up is a breeze, requiring minimal effort. Simply unpack the unit, plug it in, and follow the clear instructions in the manual. The control panel is intuitive and straightforward, with easy-to-understand buttons and a digital display that provides all necessary information, including humidity levels, fan speed, and timer settings.

Navigating through the different modes and functions is effortless. The unit features a simple rotary knob for selecting the desired dehumidifying mode, and you can easily adjust the humidity level, fan speed, and timer using the buttons on the control panel. The display clearly indicates the chosen settings, eliminating any guesswork. The dehumidifier’s automatic shutoff feature, which triggers when the water tank is full, adds another layer of convenience. You’ll receive a timely alert to empty the tank, preventing any spills or overflows.

Furthermore, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier comes with a built-in handle and caster wheels, making it surprisingly easy to move around your home. This portability is a significant advantage, allowing you to target specific areas with high humidity levels. The dehumidifier’s lightweight design further contributes to its user-friendliness.

Overall, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier prioritizes user experience with its straightforward setup, intuitive control panel, and convenient features. It’s a dehumidifier that simplifies moisture management and offers a hassle-free experience for users of all levels.

Noise Levels and Energy Efficiency: A Balance?

Noise Levels and Energy Efficiency: A Balance?

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier operates at a moderate noise level, which is expected for a unit of this size and power. While not silent, it’s not overly loud either. The noise generated is primarily a hum from the compressor and fan, similar to what you might hear from a refrigerator. In most situations, the noise is unlikely to be a major disturbance, especially if the unit is placed in a basement or garage. However, if you are sensitive to noise or plan to use the dehumidifier in a quiet living space, you might find the sound noticeable.

On the energy efficiency front, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier boasts an Energy Star rating, indicating it meets certain standards for energy consumption. While the specific energy usage will depend on factors like room size, humidity levels, and usage patterns, the unit generally performs well in this regard. The compressor technology and the dehumidifier’s ability to adjust its operation based on humidity levels contribute to its efficiency. It’s important to note that using the dehumidifier in conjunction with other energy-saving practices, like sealing air leaks, can further enhance its energy efficiency.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier boasts several impressive features and benefits, but it’s not without its drawbacks. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:


  • Powerful Dehumidifying Capacity: The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier delivers on its promise, effectively removing moisture from large spaces up to 4,500 square feet. This makes it ideal for tackling humidity issues in basements, attics, and even whole-house applications.
  • Versatile and User-Friendly Controls: The dehumidifier features a user-friendly control panel with multiple settings, allowing you to customize humidity levels, fan speed, and even schedule its operation. This versatility makes it easy to adapt to different environments and preferences.
  • Automatic Shutoff and Overflow Protection: Safety features such as automatic shutoff and overflow protection ensure peace of mind, preventing accidents and potential damage.
  • Continuous Drainage Option: The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier offers both manual and continuous drainage options. The continuous drainage feature allows you to connect a hose for uninterrupted operation, ideal for high-humidity areas.
  • Durable Construction: The dehumidifier’s robust build quality suggests it can withstand regular use and potential bumps and scrapes, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.


  • Noise Levels: While not excessively loud, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier can generate noticeable noise, especially at higher fan speeds. This might be a concern for individuals sensitive to noise or using it in bedrooms or quiet areas.
  • Bulkiness and Weight: The dehumidifier’s large size and weight make it somewhat difficult to move around, especially for individuals with mobility limitations.
  • Price Point: While not the most expensive dehumidifier on the market, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier does fall in the mid-range price category. This could be a factor for budget-conscious buyers.

Overall, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier offers a strong combination of features and performance, making it a good choice for those seeking a powerful and versatile dehumidifier for large spaces. However, its noise level and size could be drawbacks for some users. Carefully consider your needs and priorities before deciding if this dehumidifier is the right fit for your home.

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Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier vs. the Competition: A Comparative Analysis

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier holds its own against other popular models in the market, particularly when it comes to its impressive dehumidifying capacity and user-friendly features. It competes favorably with other high-capacity models like the Frigidaire FFAD7033W1 70-Pint Dehumidifier and the GE Energy Smart 70-Pint Dehumidifier.

While the Ivation may not boast the most advanced features like an integrated air purifier or Wi-Fi connectivity, its simple, yet effective design, combined with its robust dehumidifying power, makes it a strong contender in the mid-range category. Its competitive price point also makes it an appealing option for budget-conscious consumers who prioritize performance over bells and whistles.

When comparing the Ivation to the Frigidaire FFAD7033W1, both offer similar dehumidifying capabilities and energy efficiency. However, the Frigidaire model edges out the Ivation in terms of features with its built-in air filter and automatic restart function. However, this comes at a slightly higher price.

Compared to the GE Energy Smart model, the Ivation shines in terms of its user-friendly controls and simple interface, making it an easier choice for first-time dehumidifier users. However, the GE model stands out with its smart home integration and energy-saving features, making it a more appealing option for tech-savvy consumers.

Ultimately, the choice between the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier and its competitors comes down to individual preferences and priorities. If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable dehumidifier with a competitive price tag, the Ivation is a solid choice. However, if you value features like air purification, smart home integration, or advanced energy-saving capabilities, other models may be a better fit.

Final Verdict: Is the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier Worth the Investment?

The Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is a powerful and effective option for tackling humidity issues in larger spaces. Its robust performance, user-friendly features, and reasonable price make it a solid choice for many homeowners. However, its noise level might be a concern for some, and it’s important to consider the potential for condensation and water tank maintenance. Ultimately, whether it’s the right fit for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient dehumidifier for a large area and are willing to manage the occasional maintenance, the Ivation 70 Pint could be a worthwhile investment.

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In conclusion, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is a solid choice for those seeking a powerful and effective dehumidifier. Its large capacity and efficient operation make it suitable for tackling moisture issues in larger spaces. While the noise level can be a drawback for some, its user-friendly features and affordable price make it an attractive option.

The Ivation dehumidifier’s automatic humidity control and programmable timer provide added convenience, allowing you to customize its operation to your specific needs. Its sleek design and compact footprint also make it easy to integrate into any room.

Overall, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier strikes a good balance between performance and affordability. It offers effective moisture control, convenient features, and a reasonable price point, making it a worthy contender for those in search of a reliable dehumidifier.

If you’re dealing with excessive humidity in your home, the Ivation 70 Pint Dehumidifier is definitely worth considering. Its powerful performance and user-friendly features make it a practical solution for creating a more comfortable and healthy living environment.


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