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Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) Review ⚠️ (July 2024)

Looking for a budget-friendly 43-inch 4K TV with smart features? The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) might be just what you need. This TV promises a vibrant viewing experience with its 4K resolution and boasts a powerful Android operating system for easy access to your favorite streaming services. But does it deliver on its promises? In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the Mi 43X’s performance, features, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right TV for your needs.

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We’ll start by exploring the Mi 43X’s image quality, examining its color accuracy, contrast levels, and motion handling. We’ll also assess the TV’s sound quality, investigating its clarity, volume, and bass response. We’ll then dive into the TV’s smart features, examining its Android TV interface, app selection, and voice control capabilities.

Throughout the review, we’ll compare the Mi 43X to other TVs in its price range and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also discuss its potential drawbacks and offer our overall verdict on whether it’s a good investment for your home entertainment setup. So, buckle up and join us on this journey to uncover the true potential of the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X).

Name: Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X)
Image: Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X)
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) Review: Introduction

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is a budget-friendly option that offers a range of features, including a 4K display, Android TV, and PatchWall. With a sleek design and a host of smart features, it aims to provide a compelling viewing experience for those looking for an affordable TV upgrade. In this review, we’ll delve into the TV’s design, display quality, smart features, audio performance, connectivity, and overall performance to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Design and Build Quality

The Mi 43X boasts a sleek and modern design, fitting seamlessly into any contemporary living space. The bezels surrounding the screen are incredibly thin, giving it an almost borderless appearance, maximizing the viewing area. The TV’s back panel features a minimalist design with a textured finish that adds a touch of sophistication. The stand, made from durable plastic, provides a stable base, complementing the overall aesthetic. While the construction doesn’t feel as premium as some higher-end models, it’s sturdy and well-built for its price point. The TV’s lightweight nature makes it easy to maneuver and mount on a wall, offering flexibility in placement. The overall build quality is solid, ensuring a reliable and durable performance for years to come.

Display: 4K Resolution and Picture Quality

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) boasts a 4K resolution display that delivers sharp and vibrant visuals. With a panel that supports HDR10, the TV enhances the contrast and color range, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience. The picture quality is impressive for its price range, offering a balance of detail, color accuracy, and brightness. While it may not reach the same level of detail and color accuracy as higher-end models, the Mi 43X delivers a satisfactory visual experience for everyday viewing, including movies, TV shows, and even gaming.

The TV’s wide viewing angle ensures that colors and contrast remain consistent, even when viewed from the sides. This is beneficial for watching with multiple people in the room. Additionally, the TV incorporates features like Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC), which aims to reduce motion blur during fast-paced scenes, enhancing the smoothness of action sequences. While the MEMC technology isn’t as advanced as higher-end models, it effectively improves the viewing experience for content with fast-moving action.

Overall, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) offers a solid display experience that complements its other features. While it may not be the most high-end panel on the market, it punches above its weight in terms of picture quality and provides a satisfying viewing experience for its price point.

Smart Features: Android TV and PatchWall

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) comes equipped with a dual operating system – Android TV and PatchWall. This combination aims to offer users the best of both worlds: the extensive app library and customization options of Android TV and the content-focused, personalized recommendations of PatchWall.

Android TV provides access to a vast selection of apps, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Disney+, along with gaming platforms, music apps, and more. You can easily navigate through these apps using the included remote control and enjoy seamless integration with Google Assistant for voice commands.

PatchWall, Xiaomi’s own smart TV interface, acts as a content aggregator, bringing together content from various streaming services and platforms in a single, unified view. This eliminates the need to switch between apps to find your desired shows and movies, making content discovery much more efficient. PatchWall also uses AI-powered algorithms to personalize content recommendations based on your viewing history and preferences.

Overall, the combination of Android TV and PatchWall offers a comprehensive and user-friendly smart TV experience. Whether you prefer the familiar comfort of Android TV or the personalized recommendations of PatchWall, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) provides ample options for entertainment and customization.

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Audio Performance: Sound Quality and Features

Audio Performance: Sound Quality and Features

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) features a pair of built-in speakers that deliver decent sound quality for everyday viewing. While they’re not going to blow you away with their audiophile-grade performance, they get the job done for watching movies, TV shows, and casual listening.

The speakers are clear and crisp, with a good balance between treble and bass. You’ll be able to hear dialogue clearly, and the sound doesn’t get too distorted at higher volumes. However, if you’re looking for a truly immersive audio experience, you’ll likely want to invest in an external soundbar or home theater system.

One of the key features of the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is its support for Dolby Audio. This technology enhances the overall sound quality by providing a more immersive and dynamic audio experience. You’ll notice a noticeable improvement in the clarity and richness of the sound, particularly when watching movies with Dolby Audio support.

While the built-in speakers are decent, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) also offers a range of audio output options. You can connect external speakers or soundbars via the TV’s HDMI ARC port or the optical audio output. This allows you to customize your audio setup to suit your needs and preferences.

The TV also includes a few audio settings that allow you to fine-tune the sound to your liking. These settings include options for adjusting the treble, bass, and overall volume levels. You can also choose from different sound modes, such as “Movie,” “Music,” and “News,” which optimize the audio for different types of content.

Overall, the audio performance of the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is more than adequate for most users. While the built-in speakers won’t blow you away with their audiophile-grade performance, they deliver clear and crisp sound for everyday viewing. The support for Dolby Audio and the range of audio output options provide you with flexibility to customize your listening experience.

Connectivity: Ports and Options

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is well-equipped when it comes to connectivity, offering a decent array of ports and options to suit your needs. On the rear panel, you’ll find three HDMI ports, allowing you to connect multiple devices like your gaming console, Blu-ray player, or streaming stick. You also get two USB ports for connecting external storage devices like hard drives or flash drives, letting you play media directly from them or even record TV shows.

For audiophiles, the TV includes an optical audio output, perfect for connecting to a dedicated sound system or soundbar for an enhanced audio experience. The TV also boasts a 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to enjoy private viewing without disturbing others.

Adding to its versatility, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) comes with a built-in digital tuner, which is compatible with both DVB-T2/T and DVB-C standards, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite terrestrial and cable channels without the need for an external box.

While the TV doesn’t feature an Ethernet port for a wired internet connection, it seamlessly connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, ensuring fast and reliable streaming of your favorite content. The TV also supports Bluetooth 5.0, enabling you to connect wireless headphones or speakers for a more immersive audio experience.

Overall, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) offers a solid selection of connectivity options, catering to both casual viewers and those looking for a more advanced home entertainment setup. With its diverse array of ports and features, you can seamlessly connect all your devices and enjoy your favorite content with ease.

Performance and Gaming

The Mi 43X’s performance is snappy and responsive, thanks to its powerful processor and ample RAM. Navigating the Android TV interface, launching apps, and switching between inputs is smooth and lag-free. This responsiveness extends to gaming, making it a decent choice for casual gamers. While it’s not geared towards hardcore gamers with high refresh rate requirements, the TV can handle most console and PC games without any major issues. The TV supports HDR10, enhancing the visual experience with richer colours and deeper blacks, making games look more vibrant and immersive. However, it lacks support for more advanced HDR formats like Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which could enhance the visual experience further. The audio performance, although decent, might not be ideal for competitive gamers who need precise audio cues for an advantage. The 20W speakers deliver satisfactory sound, but for a more immersive gaming experience, you might want to consider investing in an external soundbar or a dedicated gaming headset.

Remote Control and User Interface

The Mi 43X comes with a standard, sleek black remote control that’s comfortable to hold and navigate. It features dedicated buttons for common functions like power, volume, and channel switching, along with a directional pad for navigating menus. The remote control is also equipped with dedicated buttons for accessing Google Assistant, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, making it easy to launch your favorite streaming services.

One of the most notable aspects of the Mi 43X’s user interface is its integration with Android TV. Android TV provides a familiar and intuitive interface that’s easy to use for anyone who’s used an Android smartphone or tablet. The home screen features your recently watched apps and recommended content, and you can easily access the Google Play Store to download additional apps and games.

Another notable feature of the Mi 43X’s user interface is PatchWall. PatchWall is Xiaomi’s own content recommendation platform that sits on top of Android TV. It offers a curated selection of content from various streaming services and channels, and it’s designed to make it easier to discover new things to watch.

While PatchWall can be helpful for finding new content, some users might find it a bit overwhelming, particularly those who are already familiar with the Android TV interface.

Overall, the Mi 43X’s remote control and user interface are both intuitive and user-friendly. The integration with Android TV makes it easy to navigate and access a wide range of streaming content, while the addition of PatchWall provides an extra layer of content discovery. The dedicated buttons for popular streaming services and the Google Assistant integration further enhance the overall user experience.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


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  • Excellent 4K Picture Quality: The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV delivers a stunning visual experience with its 4K resolution, vibrant colors, and deep blacks. You’ll enjoy crisp details, sharp images, and an immersive viewing experience for movies, TV shows, and games.
  • Android TV Operating System: This TV runs on the popular and versatile Android TV platform, providing access to a wide range of streaming apps, Google Assistant voice control, and a customizable home screen. You can easily navigate through apps, search for content, and personalize your viewing experience.
  • PatchWall Interface: In addition to Android TV, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV also features PatchWall, Xiaomi’s own content aggregation platform. PatchWall offers a personalized recommendation system and integrates content from various streaming services, making it easier to find what you want to watch.
  • Value for Money: The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV is priced competitively, offering excellent features and performance at an affordable price point.
  • Dolby Audio Support: This TV includes Dolby Audio support, enhancing the audio experience with immersive surround sound and clear dialogue.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: The TV offers a variety of connectivity ports, including HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect various devices and enjoy your content from multiple sources.
  • Slim and Stylish Design: The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV boasts a sleek and modern design with thin bezels, making it blend seamlessly with any home decor.


  • Limited Viewing Angles: While the picture quality is excellent when viewing directly in front of the screen, the viewing angles can be somewhat limited. If you’re watching from the side, you may notice some color shifts or a decrease in picture clarity.
  • Average Sound Quality: While the Dolby Audio support improves the overall sound experience, the built-in speakers on this TV are not particularly powerful or impressive. For a truly immersive audio experience, you might consider investing in an external soundbar or home theater system.
  • No HDR10+ Support: The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV supports HDR10, but not HDR10+, which is considered a more advanced HDR format. This means you might not get the full benefit of HDR content on this TV.
  • Occasional Lag or Performance Issues: While the Android TV operating system is generally smooth and responsive, there may be occasional instances of lag or slow performance, especially when multitasking or using demanding apps.
  • Lack of Dedicated Remote Control Buttons: The included remote control doesn’t have dedicated buttons for popular streaming services, which can make accessing certain apps a bit inconvenient.

Conclusion: Is the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) Worth It?

The Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is a solid option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a decent 4K viewing experience with smart features. It offers a vibrant display, a user-friendly interface, and access to a plethora of streaming apps. While it may not be the most feature-packed or visually stunning TV in its category, it delivers good value for its price. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable 43-inch TV that can handle everyday viewing needs and occasional movie nights, the Mi 43X is a worthy contender. However, if you prioritize exceptional image quality, advanced sound features, or a more premium design, you might want to consider alternatives in a slightly higher price range.

Alternatives to Consider

If you’re looking for a comparable 43-inch 4K Android TV with a slightly different feature set or price point, here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • TCL 43S450G: The TCL 43S450G is a strong contender in the budget-friendly 43-inch 4K TV category. It offers a similar sleek design and boasts a 4K display with HDR support. You’ll find Google Assistant voice control and a wide array of streaming apps built-in, making it a smart TV choice. While it might not have the same level of picture quality as the Mi 43X, its price tag is often more attractive, making it a compelling alternative.

  • Hisense 43H8G: This Hisense model is known for its outstanding value proposition. With a 4K display and Dolby Vision HDR, it delivers a cinematic viewing experience. Its Android TV platform grants access to countless streaming services and apps, providing endless entertainment options. The Hisense 43H8G also comes equipped with a powerful sound system, ensuring an immersive audio experience. While the overall performance might not match the Mi 43X, the affordability and the inclusion of Dolby Vision HDR make it a compelling option.

  • Samsung UN43AU8000F: For those seeking a premium experience, the Samsung UN43AU8000F is a great choice. It features a stunning Quantum HDR display, which significantly enhances contrast and color accuracy, making visuals incredibly vibrant. Samsung’s Tizen operating system provides a user-friendly interface with a wide range of apps and content. Though it comes at a higher price point compared to the Mi 43X, the Samsung UN43AU8000F offers an elevated viewing experience.

When deciding on the best alternative, consider your priorities: budget, picture quality, specific features (like Dolby Vision), and user experience. Researching each model and reading reviews will help you determine the perfect 43-inch 4K Android TV for your needs.

Overall, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is a solid option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a decent viewing experience. Its 4K resolution, HDR10 support, and Android TV interface provide a good balance of features and performance. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the TV’s brightness and sound quality could be better, especially when compared to higher-end models.

Despite these limitations, the Mi 43X offers a compelling value proposition. Its affordable price point makes it a great choice for casual viewers, students, or anyone looking for a reliable TV for everyday use. While it might not be the best option for serious movie enthusiasts or gamers, it still delivers a satisfactory viewing experience for most users.

The Mi 43X stands out for its user-friendliness and the convenience of the Android TV platform. This allows easy access to streaming services and apps, making it a great choice for those who prioritize convenience and connectivity. The TV’s sleek design also adds a touch of style to any room, making it a visually appealing addition to your home.

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Ultimately, the Mi 43-inch 4K Android LED TV (43X) is a decent choice for those seeking an affordable and functional TV with a user-friendly interface. Its strengths lie in its value proposition and the convenience of Android TV, but its limitations in brightness and sound quality might make it unsuitable for demanding users.


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