Niffelheim Review

Dead Viking wants to Asgard

This game was created by Russian Studio Ellada Games, a few years was in early access. And it is clear why it immediately attracted attention. The authors exploit two popular topics — Vikings and survival. And even in the RPG format. In Niffelheim we’re playing for one of the famous Northern warriors (Viking, Berserker, shaman plus Virago Valkyrie), who after the death on the battlefield went was in Valhalla, but due to the treachery of demons is stuck in the world of darkness, that is in the title Niflheim. This is where is HELHEIM, the abode of the dead, which is ruled by the ugly woman, Hel.

No matter how dead and dark, these lands may be, there are trees, rocks, mushrooms, berries and herbs, running bunnies, pig and sheep. Yes, here we have to chop trees, gather stone and other resources, to hunt for game, build different useful buildings and try to survive. And all in order to gradually collect fragments of the portal leading to Asgard, and from thence to Valhalla.

The dragon helps those who help themselves

We are building a forge, a kitchen, a sawmill, an alchemy laboratory, greenhouse, sheep barn, chicken coop. There you can produce more advanced building materials, boards, different bars, resin, items of equipment, doors, potions, food and so on and so forth. And all these buildings needs to be improved.

But most importantly, need to strengthen its sanctuary, building up his to the state of the citadel with small towers. After nightfall it is very like the crowds attacked the local skeletons. And if after a normal death in battle, your character is reborn, losing some health, money, and having some other penalties in the event of the destruction and looting of the castle the consequences will be even worse.

Niffelheim review of the game

In the fight you can switch between a melee weapon and a bow.

Skeletons, spiders, zombies, wolves, and other stuff also found in dungeons. There’s also inhabited by “bosses” with whom we primarily collect the fragments of the portal to Asgard. In some catacombs need to go through pre-prepared doors lower and lower towards some heavy Troll with a club, in others we hew passages with a pick, collecting building stone, clay and other useful materials.

In dungeons, among other things, we find chests with useful stuff and resources. In addition, items you can buy in Temple city. There in the temple there is an option to call in to help this dragon, but it needs a lot of money, two trapped sheep and one rare item. So basically you have to rely on their own strength.

Monotonous flashed with the same pain my days

All four heroes Niffelheim differ in the level of health, defence, damage, resistance bonuses to certain effects and metabolism. The latter is responsible for how often the character will feel hunger. In fact, all of them, even the dead, constantly want to eat — satiety consumed, every sneeze, every active action and in battle and in hunting, and construction work.

Niffelheim review of the game

Artists, of course, I want to say a special thank you.

And if health can be restored, sitting on the throne in the specially designated areas, the feeling of hunger will take just cooked or bought dish. So there always have to kill rabbits and other game, cut the cabbage, beans, mushrooms and berries. And keep to craft gear — weapons and armor will very quickly come into disrepair.

All of this rather quickly becomes routine. Especially that battle implemented primitive (you just need to click one button but sometimes you use a shield), assignments that are handed out by local lords and spirits, are still primitive (collect 10 mushrooms, to bring the 5 jaws of spiders, and so on), and each of the four worlds of Niflheim, where we decide to go start a new game, a little different from the others.

And the hero is pumped automatically. Waving a pickaxe in the mine — increases the level of mining skill, actively chop off the enemies become stronger as a warrior, bake pies and dishes in the kitchen — improving the skills of the chef.

The only thing that really can cheer up in such a situation, is if you add as opponents three bots, who will play for the other characters and occasionally attack you. Even better if they are live players. Yes, in Niffelheimyou can play online by creating server or joining someone else’s session. Allowed to survive co — op- and this, of course, more interesting than in splendid isolation. Another issue is that there are routine too, sooner or later felt. And the error is purely technical properties in multiplayer more, although the project sort of came out of early access.

That’s how “exciting” we’re fighting.



However, as I said in the beginning, in Niffelheim want to play, despite its monotony. Especially since everything is beautifully drawn, there is a grim Northern atmosphere that emphasizes appropriate scenery and well-chosen music. Just need to play with interruptions — in this case, the weight routine is not so heavy and the process of feeding the dead Viking no time to get bored. Well, in the company of friends you definitely will tighten into a dark world of Niflheim at least a couple of days.

Pros: rich and elaborate system of survival, the presence of multiplayer, nice picture, atmospheric music.

Cons: primitive battles; a lot of the monotony; there are technical errors.

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