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Most Popular Aquarium Live ⚠️ Plants (2024)

Aquarium live plants play a vital role in enhancing the overall ecosystem within a fish tank. Not only do they contribute to the aesthetics of the aquarium, but they also offer several benefits for aquatic life. Live plants help in improving water quality by absorbing nitrates and phosphates, thus creating a healthier environment for fish to thrive. Additionally, these plants act as natural filters and oxygen producers, crucial for the well-being of aquatic inhabitants. Furthermore, live plants provide shelter and hiding spots for fish, reducing stress and promoting natural behavior. Choosing the right live plants is essential to ensure a successful and flourishing aquarium setup.

Plant Name Difficulty Light Requirements Description Image
Java Fern Java Fern
Java Fern
Easy Low to Medium This hardy fern is a great choice for beginners and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Image of Java Fern
Anubias Anubias
Easy Low to Medium Another low-maintenance plant that thrives in shaded areas. Image of Anubias
Amazon Sword Plant Amazon Sword Plant
Amazon Sword Plant
Easy to Medium Medium to High A popular choice for its large, sword-shaped leaves. Image of Amazon Sword Plant
Cryptocoryne Cryptocoryne
Medium Low to Medium These plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a good choice for creating a unique look. Image of Cryptocoryne
Water Wisteria Water Wisteria
Water Wisteria
Easy Medium A fast-growing plant that provides excellent cover for fish. Image of Water Wisteria
Hornwort Hornwort
Easy Medium to High This plant grows quickly and can help to remove excess nutrients from the water. Image of Hornwort

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Quick List :

Beginner-Friendly Aquarium Live Plants

Java Fern

Java Fern

One of the most popular beginner-friendly live plants is the Java Fern. Known for its hardiness and ease of care, the Java Fern thrives in low to moderate light conditions. It can adapt to various water parameters and does not necessarily require substrate for growth, making it versatile for attachment to rocks or driftwood. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the Java Fern serves as an excellent hiding spot for fish and invertebrates, promoting a natural habitat within the aquarium.


Another fantastic option for beginners is the Anubias, a low-maintenance plant that can tolerate different light levels and water conditions. With slow growth that allows for easy size control through trimming, Anubias is ideal for aquarists looking for a hassle-free plant. This plant can be conveniently attached to driftwood or rocks, adding a touch of greenery to the aquarium while providing refuge for fish.

Amazon Sword Plant

The Amazon Sword Plant is a striking choice for novice aquarists due to its large sword-shaped leaves that can grow up to 12 inches tall. Requiring moderate light and a nutrient-rich substrate, this plant creates an impressive focal point in the tank and offers ample hiding spaces for larger fish species. Its vibrant green color adds a refreshing contrast to the aquatic environment.

Java Moss

For those seeking a versatile and undemanding plant, Java Moss is an excellent option. This low-maintenance moss can be cultivated on driftwood, rocks, or even directly on the substrate. With a preference for low to moderate light, Java Moss not only enhances the aesthetics of the tank but also serves as a cozy retreat for smaller fish and shrimp, encouraging natural behavior.

Intermediate Aquarium Live Plants

Enthusiasts can explore a wider range of species that offer both aesthetic appeal and a moderate level of care requirements. these plants add diversity and complexity to the aquatic environment, elevating the overall visual impact of the tank.

Water Wisteria

Water Wisteria, available at Amazon, is a fast-growing plant featuring delicate feathery leaves. It thrives in moderate light conditions and benefits from a substrate rich in nutrients. Besides its decorative value, Water Wisteria helps in controlling algae growth and can be regularly trimmed to maintain its desired size within the aquarium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most popular aquarium live plants?

Some of the most popular aquarium live plants include Anubias, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Dwarf Baby Tears, and Java Moss.

What are the benefits of having live plants in an aquarium?

Live plants provide oxygen, absorb harmful nitrates, reduce algae growth, provide hiding spots for fish, and create a natural aesthetic in the aquarium.

How do I care for live plants in my aquarium?

To care for live plants in your aquarium, provide adequate lighting, proper nutrients, CO2 supplementation if needed, and regular trimming and maintenance.

Can all types of aquarium fish live with live plants?

Most aquarium fish can live with live plants without any issues, but some fish species may be known to uproot or damage the plants. It’s important to research the compatibility of fish with live plants before adding them to your aquarium.

What is the best way to introduce live plants to a new aquarium?

When introducing live plants to a new aquarium, make sure to rinse them thoroughly to remove any unwanted pests, plant them securely in the substrate, and monitor their growth over time for any signs of deficiency or illness.


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