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SANUS TV Wall Mount Review (July 2024)

Looking to upgrade your home theater setup with a sleek and secure TV wall mount? The SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Tilt TV Mount is a popular choice for those seeking a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This mount, designed for TVs ranging from 42 to 80 inches, boasts a range of features that aim to enhance your viewing experience.

From its robust build to its innovative tilt and swivel capabilities, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Tilt TV Mount promises to provide a smooth and secure installation. This review delves deep into the features, pros, and cons of this mount, helping you determine if it’s the right fit for your home theater needs.

We’ll examine the ease of installation, the mount’s overall stability, its ability to accommodate different TV sizes, and the overall user experience. We’ll also compare the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Tilt TV Mount to other popular options in the market, offering an objective perspective on its strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time wall mount installer, this comprehensive review will equip you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Join us as we uncover the ins and outs of the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Tilt TV Mount and determine if it lives up to its reputation as a premium wall mount solution.

Name: SANUS TV Wall Mount
Image: SANUS TV Wall Mount
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

SANUS TV Wall Mount: An Overview

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount is a premium option designed for larger televisions, boasting a sleek, low-profile design and a range of features for optimal viewing. This mount is built with robust materials and is designed to securely hold TVs weighing up to 100 pounds, making it suitable for most modern 55-inch to 85-inch screens.

One of its key features is the tilt function, which allows you to adjust the angle of your TV for the perfect viewing position, minimizing glare and reflections. It also offers cable management features, helping to keep your wires organized and out of sight. The mount’s low-profile design minimizes the distance between your TV and the wall, providing a clean and modern aesthetic.

While it’s a great option for many, it’s essential to consider its compatibility with your TV and VESA mounting pattern. The SANUS Advanced Tilt supports VESA mounting standards from 200x200mm to 600x400mm, so make sure your TV falls within this range. Installation may require some technical know-how, but the mount comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the process.

Installation: Ease of Use and Setup

Installing the SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount is a straightforward process that even novice DIYers can manage. The package includes all necessary hardware, such as screws, anchors, and a spirit level, along with detailed instructions.

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The mounting plate, which attaches to the wall, is designed with clear markings to guide you in aligning it perfectly. The TV bracket itself features a simple, secure locking mechanism that makes attaching your TV a breeze. You can adjust the tilt angle with ease, ensuring optimal viewing from various seating positions.

The installation process is generally quick and efficient, taking about 30-45 minutes for most users. However, if you’re mounting a larger or heavier TV, it’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of hands for assistance, especially when lifting the TV onto the bracket.

One of the key aspects of this SANUS mount is its user-friendly design. The instructions are clearly written and illustrated, making them easy to follow. The included level ensures accurate placement, and the robust construction of the mount provides peace of mind that your TV is secure.

However, before you begin installation, it’s important to review the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that your wall can support the weight of your TV. It’s also crucial to note the required VESA compatibility for your specific television model. Overall, the ease of installation and the comprehensive instructions make the SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free setup experience.

Design and Build Quality: Aesthetics and Durability

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, making it a visually appealing addition to any home theater setup. The mount itself is constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and stability for your valuable television. The matte black finish complements a wide range of TV designs and blends seamlessly with most home décor.

While the mount boasts a minimalist design, it doesn’t compromise on strength. The robust construction inspires confidence in its ability to securely hold your TV, even larger models. The sturdy mounting plate and reinforced arms contribute to its overall stability and long-term reliability. The included hardware is also of high quality, further enhancing the mount’s durability and ensuring a secure installation.

Overall, the SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability. Its sleek design enhances the look of your entertainment center while its robust construction guarantees long-lasting performance and a sense of peace knowing your television is securely mounted.

Features and Functionality: Tilt, Swivel, and Cable Management

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount offers a range of features designed to enhance your viewing experience and simplify cable management.

Tilt Functionality: The mount boasts a tilt feature that allows you to adjust your TV’s angle up to 15 degrees. This is particularly useful for reducing glare from windows or overhead lighting, ensuring optimal viewing even in challenging lighting conditions. The tilting mechanism is smooth and easy to operate, enabling you to find the perfect viewing angle with minimal effort.

Swivel Functionality: While this particular model doesn’t include swivel capabilities, some other SANUS mounts offer swivel features. Swivel functionality allows you to rotate your TV left or right, extending your viewing area and making it easier to share the screen with others in the room.

Cable Management: The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount incorporates a clever cable management system. It features integrated channels and clips that help to conceal and organize your cables, keeping them out of sight and preventing clutter behind your TV. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your setup but also helps to prevent tangles and ensure a clean and organized look.

In summary, the SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount offers a combination of features designed to enhance your viewing experience and simplify your setup. While it doesn’t include swivel capabilities, its tilting feature, robust construction, and effective cable management system make it a solid choice for users looking for a reliable and functional wall mount.

Compatibility: Screen Sizes and VESA Standards

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount is designed to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes and VESA standards. It’s compatible with TVs from 32 to 65 inches, and it supports VESA mounting patterns from 100x100mm to 600x400mm. This makes it a versatile option for most TVs on the market.

The mount’s VESA compatibility is particularly important for ensuring a secure and stable installation. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standards define the mounting hole patterns on the back of TVs, allowing for standardized compatibility with various wall mounts. By supporting a broad range of VESA patterns, the SANUS mount ensures that it will fit securely on your TV without any compatibility issues.

Before purchasing, it’s essential to check the VESA standard of your TV. This information can typically be found in your TV’s user manual or on the product packaging. Once you know your TV’s VESA pattern, you can confirm that it falls within the compatibility range of the SANUS mount. This ensures a seamless and stress-free installation process.

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount’s compatibility with various screen sizes and VESA standards makes it an attractive option for many homeowners. Its ability to accommodate TVs ranging from small to large, coupled with its broad VESA support, ensures that it’s a versatile and reliable solution for mounting your TV securely on the wall.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

A SANUS TV wall mount offers a sleek and secure way to display your television, but like any product, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide if a SANUS mount is the right choice for you:


  • Exceptional Build Quality: SANUS is renowned for its robust construction, and their mounts are no exception. They utilize high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Smooth Functionality: The SANUS mounts often feature smooth tilt and swivel mechanisms, allowing you to easily adjust your TV’s viewing angle for optimal comfort and glare reduction.
  • Advanced Features: Many SANUS models include features like integrated cable management systems, which help keep your cords organized and concealed, promoting a clean and clutter-free look.
  • Wide Compatibility: SANUS offers a diverse range of mounts to accommodate various screen sizes and VESA standards, making it likely you’ll find a model compatible with your television.
  • Safety and Security: SANUS takes safety seriously, and their mounts are designed to securely hold your TV, minimizing the risk of accidental falls.


  • Price Premium: SANUS mounts are generally positioned at the higher end of the price spectrum, potentially making them less affordable than some competitors.
  • Installation Complexity: While installation instructions are typically provided, some SANUS mounts, especially those with advanced features, can be more challenging to install than basic models.
  • Limited Adjustments: While many SANUS mounts offer tilt and swivel, the range of movement may be limited compared to some other brands, potentially affecting your ideal viewing angle.
  • Availability: While SANUS is a reputable brand, their product availability might vary depending on your location and retailer.

Price and Value: Comparing Cost to Features

Price and Value: Comparing Cost to Features

The SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Wall Mount is priced at a premium compared to some basic wall mounts. However, its robust design, features, and compatibility with a wide range of TVs make it a compelling investment for those looking for a high-quality, reliable solution. The tilt feature, in particular, is a valuable addition, allowing you to easily adjust the viewing angle for optimal comfort. The mount’s ability to accommodate larger TVs and its excellent cable management system further enhance its value proposition. While there are more affordable wall mounts available, the SANUS Advanced Tilt offers a compelling blend of features, build quality, and compatibility, justifying its price tag for users who prioritize these aspects.

Conclusion: Is the SANUS TV Wall Mount Right for You?

The SANUS Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is a solid choice for those seeking a premium, feature-packed solution for mounting their TV. Its robust construction, smooth tilt and swivel functionality, and integrated cable management make it a great option for various setups. The mount is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and VESA standards, ensuring compatibility with most modern TVs.

However, the price point might be a deterrent for some budget-conscious consumers. If you’re looking for a simple, fixed-position mount, there are more affordable alternatives available. However, if you value flexibility, durability, and a sleek aesthetic, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is worth considering.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific needs and priorities. If you’re looking for a premium, feature-rich wall mount that offers excellent value for money, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is a strong contender.

Alternatives to Consider: Other Popular Wall Mount Options

While the SANUS Advanced Tilt TV Mount offers a great balance of features and affordability, you might find other options better suited for your specific needs. Here are a few popular alternatives to consider:

  • Fixed Wall Mounts: If you prioritize simplicity and a clean, flush look, fixed mounts are a great choice. They offer maximum stability and are the most affordable option. Look for brands like Mount-It! and Vogels for reliable fixed mounts.

  • Full-Motion Articulating Mounts: For maximum flexibility and viewing angles, full-motion mounts are the way to go. They allow you to swivel, tilt, and extend your TV, making it perfect for larger rooms or unique seating arrangements. Top brands in this category include Chief, Peerless-AV, and VIVO.

  • Low-Profile Wall Mounts: If you want your TV to appear almost invisible on the wall, low-profile mounts offer a sleek and minimalist solution. These mounts are typically designed for smaller TVs and are a great option for maximizing space in smaller rooms. Popular brands include Wall Control and Monoprice.

  • Soundbar Mounts: For those who want to seamlessly integrate their soundbar with their TV setup, soundbar mounts offer a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution. These mounts often feature built-in cable management and are compatible with a variety of soundbar models. Brands like Sanus, Mount-It!, and VIVO offer excellent soundbar mounting options.

When choosing an alternative to the SANUS Advanced Tilt, consider your TV size, weight, desired viewing angle, budget, and the overall aesthetic you’re looking for. These factors will help you find the perfect mount for your needs.

In conclusion, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is a top-tier option for those seeking a premium, feature-rich mounting solution. Its sturdy construction, smooth motion, and impressive weight capacity make it suitable for large, heavy TVs. The tilt and swivel features provide optimal viewing angles, while the cable management system keeps your setup neat and organized. While it may come at a higher price point, the Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Mount delivers exceptional value for its robust build quality, user-friendly design, and enhanced viewing experience.

This mount is particularly well-suited for those who want the flexibility to move their TV into different positions without compromising stability. Whether you’re using it in a living room, bedroom, or home office, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion Mount provides a seamless and secure way to enjoy your TV. Its sleek aesthetic and robust features make it a worthy investment for any discerning home theater enthusiast.

It’s important to note that the installation process might require some technical expertise, so consider seeking professional help if needed. However, with proper installation, this mount will provide years of reliable service and enhance your TV viewing experience. Overall, the SANUS Advanced Full-Motion TV Wall Mount is a strong contender for the best mount available, offering a compelling blend of functionality, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Overall, this SANUS wall mount is a great choice for those looking for a premium, full-motion mount that can handle large, heavy TVs. It’s well-built, easy to use, and offers a wide range of viewing angles. While it is a bit pricey, it’s definitely worth the investment for anyone who wants to take their home theater setup to the next level.


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