Shadow of the Colossus – Classics in a new Guise

You can try to dispute the claim that video games is as much art as movies and literature, but the harsh truth is still not going anywhere: in 2018 connoisseurs of both faded. Just as in the case of cinema, we have mass, consuming digestible and indistinguishable from one another annual franchise, the fans, picking out something more deep and the snobs who dedicate their free time only to selected titles and unforgettable classics. It is the latter will again and again be reminded of what everything used to be better, and we will not see more inspiring masterpieces authored by Fumito Ueda and Hideo Kojima.

Sony, however, ready to argue. But it shows you The Last Guardian – the first project of Ueda for ten years. So a brand new game Kojima. And here is the return of (another) Shadow of the Colossus – perhaps the most lauded games of the PS2 era. Classics should not gather dust on cemetery history and a bold and unorthodox solutions should not be peculiar only to independent developers.

Skeptics will shake his head, and snobs to be horrified at the prospect that their beloved classics comes to the masses, however, the course of the colossus, which is the PS4, not to stop. Not repeating the mistakes of others, Sony decided to go against the flow, which kills more of the great series in oblivion, and continue for another PS3: new interesting exclusives, please. The return of a classic with amazing graphical update? Get. We have already seen how the PS2 masterpieces came to life in the form of the wonderful Ratchet & Clank, and therefore only too happy to welcome another creature.

Anyone who proudly calls himself a gamer, one way or another heard about Shadow of the Colossus. Which was published back in 2005, it changed not only our understanding of what the aging PS2, but also what emotions can cause a video game. It was a time when gaming was not as widely accepted as it is now, video games certainly associated with senseless violence and mindless swotting on the button. But the brainchild Ueda changed everything, and showed that a video game is able to be… art house?

With the last game have much in common. She vehemently refuses to go paved pathway and to succumb to the temptation to hit a cliché. Its art style was impressed then and striking now.

In the title role – a young man who is willing to do anything to save the dying girl. We do not say neither who she is not who he himself is. No walls of text, no detailed entry. We were placed in the unknown world and face the fact that she will die if we don’t do something. And we do – where to go?

It turns out that the chance to save the virgin is – this tells us the mysterious incorporeal creature. In order to do this, we need to assume the role of a serial killer. The next step is genocide. The vast world of Shadow of the Colossus walk around the majestic and mighty colossi. Their time is numbered – they are not lucky enough to get in the way of our silent hero and his blazing sword.
Most often we just want to go from point A to point B. the Developers have strewn the world with secrets, but most of all we want as quickly as possible to get to the next victim.

The battle with the giants is the main essence of Shadow of the Colossus, because here we are fighting not only an opponent, but themselves, their conscience. We know that our motives are pure, but how far can we go before you will turn into a villain? The main genius Ueda was the fact that he turned everything on the head – we are no longer a hero, in righteous anger, destroying hordes of Nazis – we’re the anti-hero, who with each new level becomes a maniac. How long will the excuse that we are doing this out of good intentions?

Despite the deep, by the standards of video games, idea, Shadow of the Colossus cannot be called boring or unspectacular. She created and in order to make them think, and in order to hit. The giants are true to their name and inspire even now. Graphically, the game was considered the benchmark of its time, and nothing has changed in this remake, thanks to the excellent work of the Studio Bluepoint Games.

The process of killing every monster like a level from a platformer. Our (anti)hero to climb on each Titan, and find its weak spots, which you want to relish the kiss of the sword. He can use a bow. The sword is also suitable in order to highlight the General location of the monster and his weak points.

Every battle is a puzzle. The faster you get to the core, the faster it will end. The first battle is not very complicated, but then have to sweat. From time to time the voice over gives vague hints of what you need to do. Often have to guess and hope for the best.

All this, however, many of us already know. The game was released on PS2, and on PS3, where much of the original is no different. But in the case of a remake from Bluepoint Games, much has changed: there is not just pulled the resolution and textures, and redid everything from scratch. It’s obvious from the first seconds: the game looks like it did now. If the original was often reminded of dream, obscure and vague, Shadow of the Colossus sample 2018 is very real, with vivid colors and 4K picture.

And let our hero has very rich facial expressions, but everything else is full of details. The world feels real, even as empty. Colossi are not just impressive in size, but look like live, why to kill them is even more painful. The play of light, texture of hair – all this makes you forget that we’re playing the classics.

Yes, it seems quite modern, but not all. Bluepoint promised to carefully approach the remake, and he kept his word: something really has remained the same – good or bad. Management still seems not ideal, especially in the case of a very naughty horse. It is looser than I would like, though many recent recalls of The Last Guardian.

The camera too remains the same… not very good. However, Shadow of the Colossus to be ashamed of: even with these relics from a past she confidently looks at the background of more modern competitors.

From the rest Shadow of the Colossus features not only the idea, since anyone not repeated, but the lack of compromise. The game refuses to follow any trends, and it seems surprisingly ascetic in an age overloaded with content titles. There is not many sidquests or Grinda. The game does not require microtransactions and stores the frankly kitsch font Papyrus. But we have a save at any time and roll now done with one button, not two.

I wouldn’t call Shadow of the Colossus game for everyone. She’s clumsy, thoughtful and heavy compared to many others. Its promise is strong, but he is able to turn away. When played, seem to do something wrong. Their actions in the game, we justify just as many criminals in real life.

The gameplay remains virtually unchanged, and still captivates. Each defeated colossus is a achievement and something to be ashamed of. But, like any man, our hero is ready for everything for her beloved. Even something unforgivable.

If you appreciate Shadow of the Colossus as a game, remain loyal to the verdicts of a decade ago. If you evaluate it as a remake, it’s hard for anything to complain about. Smooth and clear picture, 4K and HDR on the PlayStation 4 Pro – is there anything to justify the purchase as former players and beginners.

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