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VESA TV Wall Mount Review ⚠️ (July 2024)

Looking for a reliable and stylish way to mount your TV on the wall? Look no further than the Pipishell VESA TV Wall Mount! This articulating mount offers a fantastic combination of functionality and affordability, making it an excellent choice for any home theater setup.

The Pipishell mount boasts a sturdy construction that can support TVs up to 65 inches and 66 lbs. It features an articulating arm that allows for flexible viewing angles, letting you easily adjust your TV for optimal viewing from anywhere in the room. This makes it perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or even home offices. The Pipishell mount also comes with a convenient cable management system that helps keep your wires organized and out of sight.

But how does the Pipishell VESA TV Wall Mount really perform? In this review, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of this mount, exploring its features, ease of installation, and overall value. We’ll also compare it to other popular wall mounts on the market to give you a clear understanding of what makes this particular model stand out.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and affordable solution or something more versatile and feature-rich, our detailed review will help you determine if the Pipishell VESA TV Wall Mount is the right choice for you. Join us as we take a closer look at this popular TV mounting solution.

Name: VESA TV Wall Mount
Image: VESA TV Wall Mount
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

VESA TV Wall Mount: Unboxing and Setup

Unboxing the Pipishell VESA TV Wall Mount was a straightforward process. The package arrived well-protected with all the necessary components neatly arranged. Inside the box, you’ll find the mounting plate, the TV arm, the mounting hardware (screws and anchors), a spirit level, and a user manual. The manual is well-illustrated and easy to follow, providing clear instructions for mounting and adjusting the TV.

Setting up the Pipishell wall mount involves a few steps. First, you need to attach the mounting plate to the wall using the provided screws and anchors. The mounting plate comes with a built-in level, making it easier to ensure the mount is perfectly straight. Once the plate is secured, you can then attach the TV arm to it. The arm has a quick-release mechanism, which makes it easy to attach and detach the TV. The mounting process is relatively simple and should be manageable for most individuals. Remember to carefully measure the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV and ensure they match the VESA standard supported by the wall mount.

Build Quality and Design

The Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount boasts a robust build quality that instills confidence in its ability to securely hold your TV. Crafted primarily from sturdy steel, the mount exhibits a solid feel and a reassuring weight, suggesting durability and resistance to bending or warping over time.

The design of the mount is well-thought-out, featuring an articulating arm that extends and swivels smoothly, offering excellent flexibility for finding the perfect viewing angle. The smooth, precise movement of the arm is facilitated by high-quality bearings and a strong spring mechanism that ensures the TV stays securely in place even when adjusted.

A key highlight is the inclusion of a built-in bubble level, seamlessly integrated into the mount’s base plate. This clever feature greatly simplifies the installation process, allowing you to ensure the TV hangs perfectly straight and level without the need for additional tools or adjustments.

Another detail that contributes to the overall design excellence is the meticulous cable management system. The mount provides cleverly placed channels and clips for neatly organizing and concealing wires, preventing clutter and maintaining a clean aesthetic. The cable management system effectively keeps wires from tangling or being visible, enhancing the overall appearance of your home entertainment setup.

Installation Process

Installing the Pipishell VESA TV Wall Mount is a straightforward process that most users should be able to complete without any specialized tools or professional assistance. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Gather Your Tools: Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools on hand. This includes a level, a Phillips head screwdriver, a drill, and appropriate drill bits for your wall type (e.g., drywall, concrete, brick). It’s also a good idea to have a helper, especially if you have a large or heavy TV.

  2. Prepare Your Wall: Start by finding the stud(s) in your wall. Locate the wall studs using a stud finder or by tapping on the wall to listen for solid sounds. Mark the stud locations with a pencil. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper spacing and load capacity.

  3. Mount the Wall Plate: Securely fasten the wall plate to the studs using the provided screws. Double-check that the plate is level using the level and that it is securely attached.

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  4. Attach the TV Bracket: Once the wall plate is secure, attach the TV bracket to the back of your television. Ensure that the VESA pattern on the bracket matches the VESA pattern on your TV. If needed, adjust the bracket arms to the appropriate width for your TV.

  5. Mount the TV: Carefully lift the TV and hang it onto the bracket, ensuring it is securely connected. While holding the TV, use the level to ensure it is straight and aligned.

  6. Tighten Screws: Once the TV is securely attached, tighten all the screws on the bracket and the wall plate. Double-check that everything is secure and stable.

  7. Cable Management: Utilize the provided cable management clips to neatly organize any wires or cables. This will help keep your setup looking tidy and prevent any clutter behind your TV.

  8. Adjust and Enjoy: Once everything is installed, you can adjust the TV to your preferred viewing angle. Most wall mounts have built-in features that allow you to tilt, swivel, or extend the TV for optimal viewing.

Remember to refer to the specific instructions provided by Pipishell for your particular model as details may vary slightly. If you encounter any issues during installation, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Articulation and Viewing Angles

The Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount offers impressive flexibility in terms of articulation and viewing angles. This mount allows for smooth, effortless adjustments, making it perfect for optimizing your TV viewing experience. The arm can tilt up and down, swivel left and right, and extend outwards, giving you the freedom to position your TV at the perfect angle for any situation.

Tilt: The mount features a tilt range of ±15 degrees, allowing you to angle the TV upwards or downwards for optimal viewing from different seating positions. This is especially useful if you have a couch or bed placed lower than your TV.

Swivel: The swivel function enables you to rotate the TV left and right by up to 90 degrees. This is perfect for rooms with multiple seating arrangements or for turning the TV towards a different wall.

Extension: The extension arm allows you to pull the TV out from the wall, bringing it closer to the viewer for an immersive experience. This can be especially useful in smaller rooms where space is limited or if you want to create a more cinematic feel.

The combination of these features makes the Pipishell mount extremely versatile, allowing you to customize your viewing experience to fit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or simply relaxing, you can easily adjust the TV to achieve the perfect viewing angle.

Cable Management

This Pipishell mount doesn’t have any built-in cable management features. However, it does provide some space behind the TV where you can run your cables. You can use cable ties, zip ties, or even just some tape to keep your cables organized and out of sight. The mount itself doesn’t offer any dedicated channels or clips to hide cables. If you are looking for a mount with more advanced cable management options, you may need to consider a different model.

Weight Capacity and TV Compatibility

The Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount boasts a weight capacity of up to 66 pounds (30 kg), making it suitable for most 32-65-inch TVs. This weight capacity ensures that your TV will be securely mounted and won’t fall off the wall. It’s crucial to note that exceeding the weight capacity can lead to instability and potential damage to the mount and your TV.

To ensure compatibility, it’s essential to check the VESA mounting pattern of your TV. This mount supports VESA patterns ranging from 75x75mm to 600x400mm, covering most standard TV sizes. The mounting holes on your TV must align with the mount’s holes for proper installation. To determine your TV’s VESA pattern, you can consult the user manual or look at the back of your TV.

The Pipishell mount is designed for TVs with a panel thickness ranging from 0.27 inches to 0.59 inches (7-15mm). If your TV’s panel thickness falls outside this range, the mount may not be compatible.

While the mount can handle a good amount of weight, it’s always a good idea to double-check the compatibility of your specific TV model with the mount’s weight capacity and VESA pattern before purchasing. By verifying these specifications, you can ensure a secure and stable mounting solution for your TV.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

This Pipishell VESA TV wall mount offers a compelling blend of features and affordability. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Affordable Price: One of the most prominent advantages of this mount is its competitive price point. It’s a budget-friendly option for those looking for a sturdy and functional mount without breaking the bank.
  • Solid Construction: Despite its affordability, the mount boasts a robust construction with sturdy metal components. This ensures stability and secure hold for your TV, especially crucial for larger displays.
  • Flexible Articulation: The tilting and swiveling capabilities offer versatility in positioning your TV for optimal viewing angles. This is particularly beneficial for rooms with unique seating arrangements or those who prefer to adjust the TV’s orientation for different activities.
  • Easy Installation: The installation process is generally straightforward, even for DIY enthusiasts with limited experience. The provided instructions and included hardware make the setup hassle-free.
  • Excellent Weight Capacity: The mount’s substantial weight capacity ensures it can safely support even large, heavy TVs, providing peace of mind regarding its stability and durability.


  • Limited Extension: While the mount offers articulation, its extension range might be insufficient for some users, particularly those with larger viewing distances or unconventional wall placements.
  • Cable Management: While cable management features are included, they might not be as comprehensive or sleek as those found in more premium mounts. This could lead to clutter depending on your cable setup.
  • Build Quality Differences: While the overall build quality is satisfactory, some users have reported minor variations in the finish or material across different batches. This inconsistency could be a concern for those looking for a perfectly uniform appearance.

Ultimately, the Pipishell VESA TV wall mount is a solid option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a reliable and functional wall mount. Its affordable price, robust construction, and flexible articulation make it a strong contender for most home theater setups. However, potential buyers should consider the limited extension range, cable management limitations, and possible variations in build quality before making a purchase.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Final Verdict and Recommendation

The Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount delivers on its promise of a secure and versatile mounting solution. Its sturdy construction, easy installation process, and impressive articulation make it a great choice for most TVs. While the cable management could be improved, the overall performance, especially considering the price point, makes this mount a strong recommendation for those looking for a reliable and flexible way to mount their TV. If you prioritize budget-friendly options with good functionality and articulation, the Pipishell mount deserves a serious look.

In conclusion, the Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount offers a solid combination of features and affordability. Its robust construction, ample articulation, and cable management capabilities make it a compelling choice for those looking to mount their TV securely and stylishly. While it might not be the most premium option on the market, it delivers excellent value for its price, making it a strong contender for budget-conscious consumers.

One of the standout features of this mount is its exceptional articulation. The ability to tilt, swivel, and extend the TV provides unparalleled viewing flexibility, ensuring optimal viewing angles from various positions in the room. The inclusion of a bubble level and easy-to-follow instructions make installation a breeze, even for those with limited DIY experience.

Although the Pipishell mount offers impressive functionality, it’s worth noting that it might not be suitable for larger, heavier TVs. It’s important to check the weight capacity before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your specific TV model. Overall, the Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount is a reliable and practical option for those seeking an affordable and versatile solution to mount their TV.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home theater setup or simply create a more immersive viewing experience, this mount delivers on its promises. With its robust construction, smooth articulation, and user-friendly design, the Pipishell Articulating TV Wall Mount is a worthy investment for any homeowner looking to upgrade their TV mounting game.


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