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Best Coffee Maker With Grinder: ⚠️ Top Picks

Where time is of the essence, a coffee maker with a built-in grinder offers the perfect solution for coffee aficionados. The benefits of having a coffee maker with a grinder are plentiful and cater to both the taste and convenience preferences of coffee lovers. Firstly, the ability to grind coffee beans fresh before brewing ensures a superior flavor profile in every cup. This freshness factor enhances the overall taste and aroma of the coffee, providing a delightful sensory experience. Secondly, the convenience of having a 2-in-1 appliance that grinds the beans and brews the coffee in a seamless process is a time-saving feature that appeals to busy individuals who crave efficiency in their daily routines.

Coffee Maker Price Features Pros Cons
Breville Bambino Plus $$$ * Integrated grinder
* Automatic milk frother
* Programmable settings
* Excellent espresso quality
* User-friendly design
* Relatively expensive
De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685 $$ * Built-in grinder
* Adjustable grind settings
* Multiple brewing options
* Compact design
* Good value for price
* Grinder may not be as precise as standalone grinders
Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker with Grinder $$$ * Integrated grinder
* Multiple brew styles (drip, cold brew, iced coffee)
* Programmable timer
* Versatile brewing options
* Easy to use
* Can be bulky
Cuisinart DCC-3200 $$ * Built-in grinder
* Carafe warmer
* Programmable settings
* Consistent brew quality
* Affordable
* Grinder may not be as fine as others
Hamilton Beach 49981 $ * Integrated grinder
* Small footprint
* Easy to clean
* Good value for the price
* Simple to use
* Basic features
* Grinder may not be very precise

Quick List :

Top Picks for Coffee Makers with Grinders

Top Picks for Coffee Makers with Grinders

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart DGB-900BC is a top contender in the realm of coffee makers with grinders. Featuring a cone filter for a pure coffee taste, a 12-cup capacity with a pause-and-serve feature, and a programmable timer with adjustable grind settings, this machine caters to the needs of discerning coffee enthusiasts. Experience the convenience and excellence of the Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Automatic Coffeemaker.

Breville BDC650BSS Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine

The breville bdc650bss is a standout choice. with a dual boiler system for precise brewing temperature, an integrated grinder with adjustable grind size, and a steam wand for frothing milk to perfection, this espresso machine elevates the at-home barista experience. Discover the capabilities of the Breville BDC650BSS Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine.

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Brewer

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The Bonavita BV1900TS offers a seamless coffee brewing experience with its thermal carafe for optimal temperature maintenance, pre-infusion mode for enhanced flavor extraction, and a built-in burr grinder with adjustable settings. Indulge in the simplicity and sophistication of the Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Brewer.

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De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Experience the ultimate coffee indulgence with the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus, featuring bean-to-cup brewing with automatic grinding, 13 grind settings for customized coffee strength, and a LatteCrema system for velvety milk froth. Elevate your coffee routine with the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine.

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

For those who appreciate a rich and robust espresso experience, the Gaggia Classic Pro is a standout choice. With a commercial-grade brewing system, 15-bar pump pressure for optimal extraction, and a built-in grinder with stepless grind adjustment, this espresso machine delivers cafe-quality beverages at home. Explore the possibilities with the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine.

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Buying Guide for Coffee Makers with Grinders

When selecting the perfect coffee maker with a grinder, several key factors come into play to ensure that your brewing experience meets your expectations.

Type of Coffee Maker:

  • Drip coffee maker: Ideal for those who prefer a traditional and straightforward brewing method.
  • Espresso machine: Perfect for espresso lovers who enjoy a more concentrated and flavorful coffee experience.

Grinder Type:

  • Blade grinder: Suitable for beginners or those on a budget looking for a simple grinding solution.
  • Burr grinder: Recommended for coffee connoisseurs who prioritize grind consistency and quality.

Grind Settings:

  • Adjustable or fixed grind settings: Choose a machine that offers flexibility in adjusting the grind size according to your preferences.
  • Range of grind sizes available: Look for a coffee maker that provides a variety of grind options to cater to different brewing methods.


  • Number of cups the coffee maker can brew: Consider the capacity of the machine based on your daily coffee consumption needs, whether for personal use or entertaining guests.


  • Programmable timer: Schedule your coffee brewing in advance to have a fresh batch ready when you wake up or arrive home.
  • Pause-and-serve feature: Pause the brewing process to pour a quick cup without waiting for the full pot to brew.
  • Auto-shutoff: Ensure safety and energy efficiency with an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the machine after a specified period of inactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a coffee maker with a built-in grinder?

A coffee maker with a built-in grinder ensures that you get the freshest and most flavorful coffee by grinding the beans just before brewing. It also saves you time and counter space by combining two functions into one machine.

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What grind settings should I look for in a coffee maker with grinder?

Look for a coffee maker with adjustable grind settings so that you can customize the coarseness or fineness of the grind to suit your preference for different types of coffee.

Can a coffee maker with grinder be used with pre-ground coffee?

Yes, most coffee makers with grinders have an option to bypass the grinder and use pre-ground coffee if you prefer or if you’re using flavored coffee that might affect the grinder.

How do I clean and maintain a coffee maker with grinder?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance, which typically involve regularly removing and washing the grinder components, descaling the machine, and wiping down the exterior.

Are coffee makers with grinders more expensive than regular coffee makers?

Coffee makers with built-in grinders tend to be more expensive than standalone coffee makers due to the added grinder feature, but the convenience and quality of freshly ground coffee can make it a worthwhile investment for coffee enthusiasts.


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