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Best Desk Accessories for Designers Using MacBooks

Designers using MacBooks understand the importance of a well-equipped workspace to enhance creativity and productivity. The right desk accessories can make a significant difference in comfort, organization, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you work from home or in a studio, having the best tools at your disposal can elevate your design experience. Let’s explore a curated list of desk accessories tailored for designers using MacBooks.

Quick List :

Feature MacBook
Model MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Display 13.3-inch Retina display (MacBook Air), 13.3-inch, 14.2-inch, or 16.2-inch Retina display (MacBook Pro)
Processor Apple M1 chip (MacBook Air), Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip (14.2-inch MacBook Pro), Apple M1 Pro, M1 Max, or M1 Ultra chip (16.2-inch MacBook Pro)
Memory 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB
Storage 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB
Battery life Up to 18 hours (MacBook Air), up to 17 hours (13.3-inch MacBook Pro), up to 14 hours (14.2-inch MacBook Pro), or up to 14 hours (16.2-inch MacBook Pro)
Ports 2 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports (MacBook Air), 2 or 4 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports (13.3-inch MacBook Pro), 3 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, and MagSafe 3 port (14.2-inch MacBook Pro), or 3 Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, and MagSafe 3 port (16.2-inch MacBook Pro)
Operating system macOS Monterey
Price Starting at $999
Buy now MacBook

Ergonomic Accessories

Designers often spend long hours at their desks, making ergonomic accessories essential for maintaining comfort and health during work sessions.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a renowned choice for ergonomic seating. With adjustable features, breathable mesh material, and excellent lumbar support, this chair ensures proper posture and comfort, reducing the risk of back strain.

Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk converter is a valuable addition to any designer’s workspace. By elevating your MacBook to a standing height, it promotes better posture, reduces sedentary behavior, and boosts productivity. Consider options like the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter for an easy transition between sitting and standing.

Wrist Rest

Designed to support your wrists while typing, a wrist rest can alleviate strain and fatigue during prolonged design sessions. Look for a comfortable and durable option like the Gimars Wrist Rest Pad to enhance your typing experience.

Organization and Storage

Efficient organization is key to maintaining a clutter-free and functional workspace, allowing designers to focus on their creative tasks.

Cable Management

Cable management accessories such as cord wraps, organizers, and docking stations are essential for keeping your workspace tidy and free from cable clutter. Explore options like the Baskiss Cable Management Box to streamline your setup.

Monitor Stand with Drawer

A monitor stand with a drawer not only raises your monitor to eye level for improved ergonomics but also provides extra storage space for notebooks, stationery, or small gadgets. Consider the SimpleHouseware Monitor Stand for a sleek and functional addition to your desk.

Vertical Laptop Stand

To optimize desk space and showcase your MacBook elegantly, a vertical laptop stand is a practical solution. By storing your MacBook upright, you save space and create a clean and organized work environment. Explore options like the JARLINK Vertical Laptop Stand for a modern and space-efficient setup.

Productivity and Efficiency

Enhancing productivity and efficiency is crucial for designers aiming to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work consistently.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse offers precise navigation and control, essential for intricate design tasks. Opt for a responsive and comfortable model like the Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse to enhance your workflow.

Keyboard Cover

Protect your MacBook keyboard from spills, dust, and wear with a keyboard cover. Choose a durable and washable cover like the UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Keyboard Cover to maintain the integrity of your keys.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is essential for backing up large design files and freeing up space on your MacBook. Invest in a reliable and high-capacity option such as the Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive to safeguard your work.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Creating a visually pleasing and inspiring workspace can stimulate creativity and contribute to a positive work environment for designers.

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp provides essential lighting for detailed design work, reducing eye strain and enhancing focus. Choose a stylish and adjustable lamp like the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp for a combination of form and function.


Introducing plants into your workspace adds a refreshing touch of nature and improves air quality. Consider low-maintenance options like succulents or pothos plants to bring life to your desk.

Artwork and Posters

Displaying artwork and posters that resonate with your design aesthetic can spark creativity and motivation. Select pieces that inspire you creatively or reflect your design philosophy to personalize your workspace.

Accessories for MacBook-Specific Functionality

Accessories for MacBook-Specific Functionality

Enhance the functionality of your MacBook with specialized accessories designed to complement its features and improve usability.

Type-C Hub

A Type-C hub expands the connectivity of your MacBook, providing additional ports for connecting various devices. Look for a versatile hub like the Anker USB C Hub to enhance your MacBook’s versatility.

MagSafe Charger

Simplify charging your MacBook with a MagSafe charger, offering a convenient and wireless solution for powering up your device. Explore options like the Apple MagSafe Charger for fast and secure charging.

Apple Pencil Holder

For designers using an Apple Pencil for precise design work, an Apple Pencil holder keeps your stylus within reach and organized. Consider a sleek and magnetic holder like the TechMatte Apple Pencil Holder for seamless access.

Additional Considerations

When selecting desk accessories for your MacBook workspace, consider the following factors to ensure a tailored and optimized setup:

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  • Personalization: Choose accessories that complement your design style and workspace aesthetic, creating a space that inspires and motivates you.
  • Functionality: Prioritize accessories that streamline your workflow, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall usability of your MacBook.
  • Comfort: Select ergonomic accessories that promote proper posture, reduce strain, and prioritize your physical well-being during long work hours.

You can create a workspace that not only enhances your productivity and creativity but also reflects your unique design sensibilities. explore the recommended accessories to elevate your design experience and transform your workspace into a hub of inspiration and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some essential desk accessories for designers using MacBooks?

Some essential desk accessories for designers using MacBooks could include an ergonomic keyboard, a high-quality mouse, a laptop stand, a USB-C hub for extra ports, and a desk organizer.

How can desk accessories enhance the productivity of designers using MacBooks?

Desk accessories can enhance productivity for designers using MacBooks by providing a comfortable and organized workspace, improving posture with ergonomic accessories, and expanding connectivity options with USB-C hubs.

Are there any specific brands or models of desk accessories recommended for designers using MacBooks?

Some recommended brands and models of desk accessories for designers using MacBooks include Apple Magic Keyboard, Logitech MX Master mouse, Rain Design mStand laptop stand, Anker USB-C hub, and mDesign desk organizer.

Can desk accessories help in maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the workspace for designers using MacBooks?

Yes, desk accessories such as cable management solutions, desk organizers, and laptop stands can help in maintaining a clean and organized workspace for designers using MacBooks.

Are there any budget-friendly options available for desk accessories for designers using MacBooks?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options available for desk accessories for designers using MacBooks such as Jelly Comb ergonomic keyboard, VicTsing wireless mouse, AmazonBasics laptop stand, AUKEY USB-C hub, and SimpleHouseware desk organizer.


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