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How ⚠️ to Choose Flowers for International Shipping With 1-800-FLORALS

Flowers have a universal language that transcends borders, making them a perfect gift for any occasion. 1-800-FLORALS, a renowned flower delivery service, offers international delivery services to send beautiful blooms across the globe. When sending flowers overseas, it’s crucial to select the right flowers to ensure they withstand the journey and convey the intended message upon arrival.

Choosing the perfect flowers for international shipping involves considering various factors such as the destination’s climate, the occasion, and local customs and traditions. Each of these elements plays a critical role in ensuring that your floral gift arrives fresh, vibrant, and culturally appropriate.

Feature Description
International Shipping Ship flowers and gifts to over 150 countries
Freshness Guarantee Flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh and beautiful
Variety of Flowers Choose from a wide variety of flowers, including roses, lilies, sunflowers, and more
Custom Arrangements Create your own custom flower arrangement or choose from a selection of pre-designed arrangements
Gift Options Add a gift to your flower order, such as chocolates, a teddy bear, or a vase
Customer Service 24/7 customer support to help you with your order
Website 1-800-FLORALS
Visit 1-800-FLORALS

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flowers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Flowers

Destination Climate

When selecting flowers for international delivery, it’s essential to consider the destination’s climate to choose blooms that can thrive in varying temperature conditions. For instance:1. Flowers that tolerate cold temperatures: Roses, gerbera daisies, and tulips are resilient choices that can withstand chilly weather during transit.2. Flowers that withstand heat and humidity: Orchids, lilies, and ginger are excellent options for destinations with warmer climates, ensuring a lasting and vibrant floral arrangement upon delivery.


The nature of the event or celebration greatly influences the choice of flowers for international shipping. Different occasions call for specific types of flowers to convey the appropriate message:1. Romantic occasions: Roses, lilies, and carnations are classic choices for expressing love and affection in floral form.2. Special events: Bouquets featuring mixed flowers like roses, lilies, and daisies add variety and elegance to celebratory settings.3. Condolences: Opting for white flowers such as lilies and chrysanthemums conveys sympathy and support during times of mourning.

Local Customs and Traditions

Understanding local customs and traditions is crucial when sending flowers internationally to ensure that the blooms are culturally sensitive and well-received. Consider the following:1. In Western cultures, red roses symbolize love and passion, whereas in China, they are associated with mourning, so it’s essential to be mindful of cultural interpretations.2. Avoid gifting chrysanthemums in some Asian countries as they are often linked to funerals and death.3. Bright and cheerful flowers are generally well-received for celebrations across most cultures, symbolizing joy and positivity.

Recommended Flowers for International Delivery from 1-800-FLORALS

Recommended Flowers for International Delivery from 1-800-FLORALS


  1. Luxury Blooms Bouquet: This exquisite arrangement features premium roses, lilies, and hydrangeas, perfect for special occasions or expressions of love.
  2. Bright and Beautiful Bouquet: Vibrant sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and lilies make up this colorful bouquet, ideal for birthdays or uplifting gestures.
  3. Timeless Elegance Bouquet: White roses, lilies, and stock combine in this elegant bouquet, conveying purity and grace for various occasions.


  1. Blooming Orchids: Available in an array of colors and sizes, orchids are long-lasting and exotic plants that make a sophisticated gift for plant lovers.
  2. Peace Lily: With its elegant white blooms and easy-care nature, the peace lily is a thoughtful and enduring choice for any recipient.
  3. Succulent Garden: An assortment of succulents arranged in a decorative container, this low-maintenance garden is a long-lasting gift suitable for any setting.

Tips for Ordering Flowers for International Delivery

Tips for Ordering Flowers for International Delivery

When arranging for flowers to be shipped internationally through services like 1-800-FLORALS, it is essential to keep the following tips in mind:- Order in advance to allow ample time for processing, customization, and international shipping to ensure timely delivery.- Provide clear recipient information and specific delivery instructions to avoid any mishaps or delays during transit.- Choose a reputable delivery company like 1-800-FLORALS to guarantee quality service and reliability for your international flower delivery needs.- Consider customs regulations for the destination country to prevent any issues with flower importation or delivery restrictions.- Stay informed about potential delivery delays or restrictions that may impact the timely arrival of your floral gift, especially during peak seasons or holidays.

selecting the right flowers for international shipping involves careful consideration of destination climate, occasion, and local customs. By choosing appropriate blooms and following essential tips for international flower delivery, you can ensure that your gift reaches its destination fresh, vibrant, and culturally meaningful. 1-800-FLORALS offers a wide selection of flowers and plants perfect for international delivery, making it a reliable choice for sending beautiful arrangements worldwide. Make every international flower delivery a special and seamless experience with 1-800-FLORALS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What countries does 1-800-FLORALS ship to?

Answer 1

1-800-FLORALS offers international flower delivery to over 150 countries worldwide.

Question 2

How can I place an international flower delivery order?

Answer 2

You can place an international flower delivery order by visiting the 1-800-FLORALS website or contacting their customer service team.

Question 3

Can I customize my international flower delivery order?

Answer 3

Yes, you can customize your international flower delivery order by choosing the type of flowers, arrangement, and message to be included.

Question 4

What payment methods are accepted for international flower deliveries?

Answer 4

1-800-FLORALS accepts major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, for international flower deliveries.

Question 5

How can I track my international flower delivery order?

Answer 5

You can track your international flower delivery order by logging into your 1-800-FLORALS account or contacting their customer service team for assistance.

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