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DIY Spring Decor Ideas With JustFlowers.com Florals

Spring is the perfect time to infuse your home with vibrant blooms and fresh scents, and what better way to elevate your space than with DIY floral decor using products from JustFlowers.com. Whether you’re looking to create a welcoming atmosphere with floral wreaths, stunning centerpieces, or unique hanging installations, there are endless possibilities to explore. Let’s delve into some creative DIY ideas to bring the beauty of spring into your living space.

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Floral Wreaths

When it comes to adding a touch of spring to your home, floral wreaths are a classic and versatile decor option. Here are some essential items you can use to create your own stunning wreaths with products available on JustFlowers.com.

Basic Wreath Form

Basic Wreath Form

Creating a beautiful wreath begins with the right form. Consider using a Grapevine Wreath for a natural look priced at $19.99 on JustFlowers.com, or opt for a Floral Foam Wreath for a more customizable design available for $12.99.

Floral Picks

Enhance your wreath with faux flower stems like Faux Peony Stems at $4.99 each, Faux Hydrangea Blooms priced at $3.99 per bloom, and Faux Eucalyptus Stems for $2.99 each, all sourced from JustFlowers.com.

Floral Adhesive

Floral Adhesive

To assemble your wreath, you’ll need a reliable adhesive. Consider using a Hot Glue Gun from Walmart for $4.99 and Floral Wire available for $2.99 per spool on JustFlowers.com.


  1. Wrap floral picks around the wreath form, securing them with hot glue or floral wire.
  2. Mix and match different flower types and colors for a diverse and eye-catching wreath.
  3. Layer the flowers to create a lush and full wreath that exudes the essence of spring.

Centerpiece Arrangements

Another way to incorporate spring florals into your home decor is by creating charming centerpiece arrangements that will brighten up any table setting. Explore the following items to craft your own stunning centerpieces using JustFlowers.com products.

Glass Vase

Select a Clear Glass Vase for a classic look priced at $14.99 or opt for a Blue Tinted Glass Vase available at $19.99 on JustFlowers.com.

Floral Foliage

Enhance your arrangements with faux foliage such as Faux Fern Stems priced at $3.99 each and Faux Ivy Vines available for $2.99 per vine from JustFlowers.com.


Add freshness to your centerpiece with Fresh Daffodils priced at $19.99 per dozen, Fresh Tulips available for $24.99 per dozen, and Fresh Hyacinths at $16.99 per bunch from JustFlowers.com.


  1. Fill the vase with water and arrange the floral foliage.
  2. Create a loose and natural arrangement of flowers within the vase.
  3. Experiment with a variety of colors and textures to create a visually appealing centerpiece that celebrates the beauty of spring.

Hanging Floral Installations

For a unique and eye-catching decor element, consider incorporating hanging floral installations in your living space. Create your own botanical display using the following materials, including products from JustFlowers.com.

Macrame Hanger

Start by acquiring a DIY Macrame Kit available for $19.99 on platforms like Etsy to craft your own stylish hanger.

Faux Vines

Enhance the look of your installation with artificial greenery such as Artificial Ivy Garland priced at $12.99 per garland on JustFlowers.com.

Floral Clips

Secure your florals in place using Crocodile Clips priced at $6.99 per pack, easily obtainable from Amazon.


Add a touch of elegance with Faux Cherry Blossoms priced at $5.99 per stem and Faux Magnolia Leaves available for $4.99 per stem from JustFlowers.com.


  1. Follow the instructions in the macrame kit to create a suitable hanger for your installation.
  2. Wrap the faux vines around the hanger and secure them using floral clips.
  3. Adorn the vines with the faux florals, creating a cascading and visually captivating floral arrangement that will elevate your space.

Wall-Mounted Decor

If you’re looking to add a statement piece to your walls, consider creating wall-mounted decor using an array of floral elements. Here are some ideas on how to craft your own dimensional display using products like JustFlowers.com.

Shadow Box

Choose an 8×10 Shadow Box priced at $9.99 from IKEA to create a layered and visually appealing floral display.

Floral Paper

Line your shadow box with Spring Floral Wrapping Paper available at $4.99 per roll on JustFlowers.com for a vibrant backdrop.

Faux Flowers

Enhance your display with artificial blooms like Artificial Peonies priced at $6.99 per stem and Artificial Hydrangeas available for $4.99 per bloom from JustFlowers.com.


  1. Line the shadow box with the floral wrapping paper.
  2. Arrange the faux flowers within the box, creating a multidimensional and visually striking display.
  3. Secure the flowers in place using hot glue or floral wire for a seamless finish.

Tabletop Centerpieces

Elevate your dining experience with captivating tabletop centerpieces that showcase the beauty of spring florals. Utilize the following products to craft stunning arrangements using JustFlowers.com floral offerings.

Wooden Tray

Opt for an Acacia Wood Tray priced at $24.99 from JustFlowers.com to create a rustic and elegant base for your centerpiece.


Enhance the ambiance with White Pillar Candles priced at $3.99 per pair and Floral Scented Candles available for $5.99 each from JustFlowers.com.


Add a touch of elegance with Fresh Roses priced at $39.99 per dozen and Fresh Alstroemerias available for $19.99 per bunch from JustFlowers.com.


  1. Arrange the candles on the wooden tray as a centerpiece base.
  2. Surround the candles with fresh flowers to create a luxurious and aromatic arrangement.
  3. Incorporate greenery or other decorative elements to add depth and character to your tabletop centerpiece, making it a focal point of your dining area.

Incorporating DIY spring decor ideas using florals from JustFlowers.com into your living space can transform your home into a blooming oasis. Whether you choose to create wreaths, centerpieces, hanging installations, wall-mounted decor, or tabletop arrangements, the options to infuse your space with the beauty of spring are limitless. Unleash your creativity and bring the essence of spring indoors with these inspiring floral decor ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of spring decor ideas can be created with JustFlowers.com florals?

You can create beautiful floral centerpieces, wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements to add a fresh touch to your home decor for spring.

Do JustFlowers.com florals come in a variety of colors and styles?

Yes, JustFlowers.com offers a wide selection of florals in different colors, styles, and types of flowers, so you can choose the perfect ones to match your spring decor theme.

Can I order DIY kits with JustFlowers.com florals to create my own spring decor projects?

Can I order DIY kits with JustFlowers.com florals to create my own spring decor projects?

Yes, JustFlowers.com offers DIY kits that include everything you need to create your own stunning floral arrangements and decor projects for spring.

Are the florals from JustFlowers.com fresh and high quality?

Yes, JustFlowers.com sources their florals from top growers to ensure that they are fresh, high quality, and long-lasting, so your spring decor will look beautiful for weeks to come.

How can I get inspiration for using JustFlowers.com florals in my spring decor projects?

JustFlowers.com offers a blog with DIY tutorials, styling tips, and inspiration for using their florals in creative ways to enhance your spring decor.

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