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Handling JustFlowers Deliveries: Storage & Care Tips

When you receive a beautiful bouquet from JustFlowers.com, it’s essential to handle it properly to ensure its longevity and freshness. Here are some steps to follow upon delivery:

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A. Inspect the Bouquet Immediately

A. Inspect the Bouquet Immediately

Upon receiving your floral arrangement, take a few moments to inspect it closely:

  • Check for any broken stems or damaged blooms that may have occurred during transit.
  • Remove any loose leaves or debris from the bouquet to maintain its aesthetic appeal.
  • If you notice significant damage, don’t hesitate to contact JustFlowers.com customer service promptly for assistance.

B. Trim the Stems

B. Trim the Stems

Properly trimmed stems are crucial for the bouquet’s hydration and longevity:

  • Cut the stems diagonally using a sharp knife or scissors to ensure a clean cut.
  • Remove approximately 1-2 inches from the bottom of each stem to facilitate better water absorption.
  • This simple step helps prevent wilting and enhances the flowers’ overall lifespan.

C. Remove Excess Foliage

C. Remove Excess Foliage

To maintain water quality and prevent bacterial growth, it’s important to remove excess foliage:

  • Eliminate any leaves that will be submerged in the vase’s water.
  • Submerged leaves can deteriorate quickly and contaminate the water, affecting the bouquet’s health.

Optimal Storage Conditions

To keep your JustFlowers.com bouquet looking fresh and vibrant, it’s crucial to store it correctly. Here are some tips for optimal storage conditions:

A. Choose a Suitable Vase

Selecting the right vase is key to ensuring the bouquet’s stability and hydration:

  • Pick a clean vase with a narrow opening that can support the stems upright.
  • Ensure the vase is tall enough to accommodate the bouquet’s height without overcrowding.

B. Fill with Fresh, Cool Water

Proper hydration is essential for flower longevity:

  • Fill the vase with clean, lukewarm water, reaching approximately 2/3 full.
  • Avoid using cold water, as it can shock the flowers and impede water absorption.

C. Add Floral Preservative

The floral preservative provided by JustFlowers.com plays a vital role in extending the bouquet’s lifespan:

  • Follow the instructions on the preservative packet to mix it into the water.
  • This solution helps nourish the flowers and maintains their freshness for a more extended period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for storing JustFlowers deliveries?

Store your JustFlowers deliveries in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prolong their freshness.

How often should I change the water for JustFlowers arrangements?

Change the water in your JustFlowers arrangements every 2-3 days to keep the flowers hydrated and looking fresh.

Is it necessary to trim the stems of JustFlowers bouquets?

Yes, it is recommended to trim the stems of JustFlowers bouquets at an angle before placing them in fresh water to help the flowers absorb more water and nutrients.

What do I do if my JustFlowers delivery arrives with wilted flowers?

If your JustFlowers delivery arrives with wilted flowers, try rehydrating them by cutting the stems at an angle and placing them in fresh water. You can also contact JustFlowers customer service for further assistance.

Can I display my JustFlowers arrangements near fruits or vegetables?

It is best to avoid displaying your JustFlowers arrangements near fruits or vegetables as they release ethylene gas, which can cause the flowers to wilt faster. Keep your flowers in a separate area to maintain their freshness.

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