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Understanding the Start or End for Alexa Nyt Crossword (2024)

The New York Times Crossword (NYT Crossword) has been a staple for puzzle enthusiasts since its inception, offering a daily dose of mental challenge and entertainment to millions worldwide. technology has found a way to further elevate this classic pastime. Amazon’s Alexa, the ubiquitous voice assistant, has emerged as a valuable companion for crossword aficionados, providing assistance, insights, and a new dimension to the crossword-solving experience. This guide aims to delve into how Alexa integrates with the NYT Crossword, shedding light on the often misunderstood “Start or End” function that can be a game-changer for users.

Feature Description
Start Command “Alexa, open New York Times Crossword” or “Alexa, start New York Times Crossword”
End Command “Alexa, stop” or “Alexa, exit”
Compatible Devices Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
and other Alexa-enabled devices
Subscription Required Yes, a New York Times subscription is required to access the crossword puzzles.
Puzzle Availability A variety of crossword puzzles, including daily and mini crosswords.
Gameplay Features Alexa will read clues aloud and provide hints. You can use your voice to fill in squares.
Skill Name “New York Times Crossword”
Cost Free to use, but requires a New York Times subscription.

Quick List :

The NYT Crossword and Alexa

The NYT Crossword and Alexa

How to Access the NYT Crossword through Alexa:

To access the NYT Crossword through Alexa, users can utilize the “New York Times” skill within the Alexa app. By simply saying, “Alexa, open New York Times,” crossword enthusiasts can seamlessly navigate to the puzzle section and embark on their daily crossword-solving journey.

Features for Crossword Players:

Alexa offers a range of features tailored specifically for crossword players to enhance their gameplay. From reading clues aloud to checking answers and providing hints, Alexa serves as a virtual assistant guiding users through the intricate web of crossword puzzles. One standout feature is the “Start or End” function, a tool designed to assist users in narrowing down potential answers with precision.

“Start or End” Function: Explained

How it Works:

The “Start or End” function is a unique feature offered by Alexa to streamline the crossword-solving process. When prompted with a specific clue, users can input either the first or last letter of the answer. Alexa utilizes this information to filter through the myriad of possibilities, presenting a curated list of potential solutions tailored to the user’s input.


For instance, if the clue pertains to a type of fruit and the answer is “ORANGE,” users can instruct Alexa by providing the starting letter “O” and the ending letter “E.” This targeted approach eliminates guesswork and accelerates the solving process by focusing on relevant options.


The “Start or End” function not only reduces the ambiguity associated with crossword puzzles but also enhances efficiency by speeding up the solving time. By honing in on specific parameters, users can navigate through the puzzle with increased accuracy and agility.

Best Cheap Alexa Devices for Crossword Enthusiasts

Amazon offers a range of affordable Alexa devices that cater to crossword enthusiasts seeking a seamless and immersive solving experience. Here are some budget-friendly options worth considering:

  1. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

    • Price: An affordable option for those on a budget.
    • Features: Compact design, crisp audio quality, and access to a plethora of Alexa skills.
  2. Amazon Echo Flex

    • Price: Even more budget-friendly than the Echo Dot.
    • Features: Compact plug-in design, ideal for small spaces such as desks or nightstands.
  3. Amazon Echo Show 5

    • Price: A slightly higher price point for a visual and interactive experience.
    • Features: Compact touchscreen display, perfect for visual clues and intuitive navigation.

Amazon’s Alexa presents a valuable asset for NYT Crossword enthusiasts, offering a myriad of features to enrich the crossword-solving journey. The “Start or End” function, in particular, stands out as a tool that facilitates precision and expedites the solving process. With a plethora of affordable Alexa devices available, integrating this voice assistant into your crossword routine has never been more accessible and rewarding. Explore the possibilities, enhance your crossword experience, and unlock a new realm of puzzle-solving prowess with Alexa by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexa Nyt Crossword?

Alexa Nyt Crossword is a popular crossword puzzle game available on Amazon Alexa devices.

How do I start the Alexa Nyt Crossword?

To start the Alexa Nyt Crossword, simply ask Alexa to open the crossword game.

How do I end the Alexa Nyt Crossword?

To end the Alexa Nyt Crossword, say ‘Alexa, stop’ or ‘Alexa, exit’ while playing the game.

Can I save my progress in the Alexa Nyt Crossword game?

Unfortunately, the Alexa Nyt Crossword game does not currently have a feature to save your progress.

Are there any hints available in the Alexa Nyt Crossword game?

Yes, you can ask Alexa for hints while playing the Alexa Nyt Crossword game by saying ‘Alexa, give me a hint’.


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