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Best Projector for Gaming: Top ⚠️ Choices for Gamers (2024)

The allure of a large-screen gaming experience is undeniable, and projectors offer an immersive and budget-friendly way to achieve it. Dive into the world of gaming with larger-than-life visuals and unparalleled gaming experiences. This guide explores the best projectors for gaming, considering crucial factors like resolution, input lag, brightness, and features, ensuring you make an informed decision to level up your gaming setup.

Projector Name Price Resolution Refresh Rate Input Lag Throw Ratio Features
BenQ TH685
BenQ TH685
1080p 120Hz 16ms 1.2
HDR10, Game Mode, 3D Ready
Optoma UHD38
Optoma UHD38
4K 60Hz 16ms 1.5 HDR10, 4K Passthrough, Game Mode
Epson Home Cinema 2150
Epson Home Cinema 2150
1080p 120Hz 16ms 1.42 HDR10, 3D Ready, Game Mode
ViewSonic PX727-4K
ViewSonic PX727-4K
4K 60Hz 16ms 1.3 HDR10, 4K Passthrough, Game Mode
LG CineBeam HU85LA
LG CineBeam HU85LA
4K 60Hz 16ms 1.1 HDR10, WebOS, Smart TV Features

Quick List :

Key Features to Consider

Key Features to Consider


  1. 1080p (Full HD): The standard resolution for most modern games, offering a balance of sharpness and affordability.
  2. 1440p (QHD): Provides sharper details and more immersive visuals for demanding games.
  3. 4K (Ultra HD): Delivers the most stunning visuals with exceptional clarity, ideal for high-end gaming.

Input Lag

  1. Low input lag is crucial for responsiveness in fast-paced games.
  2. Aim for projectors with input lag under 16ms for a smooth gaming experience.


  1. Lumen output determines how bright the image appears, with 2000 lumens or more recommended for dimly lit rooms and 3000 lumens ideal for brighter environments.

Throw Ratio

  1. Determines the distance needed to project a specific image size, with short-throw projectors being perfect for smaller spaces.


  1. HDR (High Dynamic Range) enhances contrast and color depth for more realistic visuals.
  2. Game Mode optimizes picture settings for gaming with lower input lag and vibrant colors.
  3. Built-in speakers provide audio for a complete gaming experience.

Best Projectors for Gaming

For Budget-Conscious Gamers

  1. BenQ TH671ST

    • Resolution: 1080p
    • Brightness: 3000 lumens
    • Input Lag: 16ms
    • Throw Ratio: Short throw
    • Features: HDR10 support, Game Mode
    • Pros: Affordable price, excellent brightness, low input lag.
    • Cons: Basic features, not ideal for ultra-bright rooms.
  2. ViewSonic PX727-4K

    • Resolution: 4K UHD
    • Brightness: 3200 lumens
    • Input Lag: 16ms
    • Throw Ratio: Standard
    • Features: HDR support, Game Mode, built-in speakers
    • Pros: 4K resolution at a budget-friendly price, low input lag, HDR support.
    • Cons: Not as bright as some other options, limited connectivity.

For Serious Gamers

  1. Optoma UHD38

    • Resolution: 4K UHD
    • Brightness: 3400 lumens
    • Input Lag: 16ms
    • Throw Ratio: Standard
    • Features: HDR10 support, Game Mode, built-in speakers, 3D support.
    • Pros: Outstanding 4K picture quality, high brightness, low input lag, HDR support.
    • Cons: Higher price than budget options, not as portable.
  2. Epson Home Cinema 3800

    • Resolution: 4K UHD
    • Brightness: 3000 lumens
    • Input Lag: 16ms
    • Throw Ratio: Standard
    • Features: HDR10 support, Game Mode, built-in speakers, 3D support.
    • Pros: Excellent picture quality, low input lag, HDR support, advanced features.
    • Cons: High price, not the most portable.

For the Ultimate Gaming Experience

  1. Sony VPL-VW270ES
    • Resolution: 4K UHD
    • Brightness: 1500 lumens
    • Input Lag: 16ms
    • Throw Ratio: Standard
    • Features: HDR support, Game Mode, built-in speakers, 3D support.
    • Pros: Exceptional picture quality with stunning colors and contrast, low input lag, HDR support.
    • Cons: Very high price, not the brightest projector.

The best projector for gaming depends on your budget, gaming needs, and room environment. Consider the key features outlined above to choose a projector that will enhance your gaming experience and create a truly immersive gaming environment.

Additional Considerations

Gaming Console Compatibility

Ensure your chosen projector has the necessary ports for your gaming console such as HDMI and DisplayPort.

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Sound System

If the projector’s built-in speakers aren’t sufficient, consider a dedicated gaming headset or external sound system for an immersive audio experience.

Screen Size

Determine the optimal screen size for your gaming space, balancing immersion with projection distance for the best experience.

Room Lighting

For brighter rooms, opt for a projector with higher lumens output and a high contrast ratio to enhance image quality in well-lit environments.

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Best Projector (Projector)

Explore a variety of projectors on Amazon, comparing brands, features, and prices to find the perfect projector to elevate your gaming setup and immerse yourself in stunning visuals for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features to look for in a gaming projector?

When choosing a projector for gaming, key features to consider include high resolution (1080p or 4K), low input lag, high refresh rate (at least 60Hz), and ample connectivity options for gaming consoles and PC.

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2. Can any projector be used for gaming, or should I look for specific models?

While any projector can technically be used for gaming, it is recommended to look for specific models designed for gaming as they offer features like low input lag and high refresh rates which are crucial for an optimal gaming experience.

3. Are there any projectors specifically recommended for gaming?

Some popular projectors that are highly recommended for gaming include the BenQ HT2050A, Optoma UHD50, Epson Home Cinema 2150, and ViewSonic PX727-4K. These models are known for their high image quality, low input lag, and gaming-friendly features.

4. What is input lag and why is it important for gaming projectors?

Input lag refers to the delay between the moment an action is performed (such as pressing a button on your controller) and when it is reflected on the screen. For gaming projectors, low input lag is crucial as it ensures that your gameplay is responsive and lag-free.

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5. How do I connect my gaming console or PC to a projector?

To connect your gaming console or PC to a projector, you can use HDMI cables for video and audio transmission. Most modern projectors come with multiple HDMI ports, making it easy to switch between different devices. Additionally, some projectors offer wireless connectivity options for added convenience.


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